Find Where to Stream Any Movie & TV Show

Watchmode knows what subscription, rental, free and cable channel service(s) and apps any movie or TV show is on.

Your Personalized Streaming Dashboard

Do you find yourself scrolling through multiple streaming services looking for something good? Watchmode combines all of your services into one "Smart" Dashboard, that gets to know you and shows you the best stuff.

A.I. Powered Recommendations

Watchmode gets to know you, and can recommend movies & TV shows that you will like.

Smart Watchlists

Save everything you want to watch to your Watchmode watchlist, which knows which service everything you want to watch is on.

The Most Powerful Search Engine for Movies & Shows

Watchmode has the most powerful search engine for finding movies & shows on your streaming services. You can search on multiple services at once, and find exactly what you're looking for by filtering by user rating, critic score & more.

Thousands of Free Movies & Shows

There are always great movies & shows available to stream for free. Watchmode finds them all, and let's you know the best stuff to watch for free.

Track Your Show Progress

Do you have a lot of different shows on different services? Watchmode can track your progress of all your shows, and alert you when new episodes become available.

Get Alerts

We'll alert you when a great new show or movie you might like comes out. Waiting for a movie in the theatres to be available to stream? You can setup a notification and we'll let you know the second it is available to watch.


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