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One hundred years of evil (2010)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Olly Blackburn
Crew Writing Writer 94.30

Brian Rzepka
Crew Art Production Design 94.80

Erik Eger
Crew Directing Director, Writer 79.50

Julián Elizalde
Crew Camera Director of Photography 75.40

Caroline Kugelberg
Crew Art Production Design 66.60

Magnus Oliv
Crew Directing Director, Writer 66.60

Joacim Starander
Crew Writing Writer, Music 59.50

Jon Rekdal
Cast Actor Skule 9999999

Erik Eger
Cast 769230.69230769

Julián Elizalde
Cast Actor Idelfonso Elizalde 714285.64285714

Tobias Bengtsson
Cast 1666666.5

James Dickson
Cast 909090.81818182

Lorenzo Scott
Cast 624999.9375

Hermes Marco
Cast 499999.95

Michael Boland
Cast Andersen 2499999.75

Jordi Almeida
Cast Jose Vargas 4999999.5

Lucy Bermingham
Cast Elvira Wise 3333333

Edward Breene
Cast Friedrich von Essen 1999999.8

Alexander Bareis
Cast 1428571.2857143

Kevin M. Cannon
Cast 1249999.875

Kathleen Dobbs
Cast 1111111

Jason Dirnberger
Cast 999999.9

Russell Drew
Cast 833333.25

Michael G Schmidt
Cast 588235.23529412

Simmin Yu
Cast 555555.5

Mickey Sherman
Cast 526315.73684211
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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