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100 grams for Bravery Poster

100 grams for Bravery

1h 15m
A satirical comedy of three novellas ("What an a impudence!", "By the laws of hospitality", "One hundred grams for bravery"), united by the common theme of drunkenness and alcoholism: the first one about an exemplary citizen who met an avid drunkard on the way to work, the second one about an incident at a party that occurred through the fault of alcohol, and the third one about a shy man before the first date decides to drink "hundred grams" for courage.
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Igor Yasulovich
Igor Yasulovich Larichev
Vladimir Basov
Vladimir Basov Ruzhevsky
Mikhail Svetin
Mikhail Svetin Panyukov
Nikolay Grinko
Nikolay Grinko Nikitin
Aleksandr Belyavskiy
Aleksandr Belyavskiy Meshcheryakov
Yuri Belov
Yuri Belov taxi driver
Rina Zelyonaya
Rina Zelyonaya Prohozhaya u metro
Ninel Myshkova
Ninel Myshkova Nadezhda
Yevgeni Perov
Yevgeni Perov Vityok
Valentina Titova
Valentina Titova Panyukova
Grigoriy Shpigel
Grigoriy Shpigel Professor
Anastasiya Georgiyevskaya
Anastasiya Georgiyevskaya "academician's" wife
Nino Chkheidze
Nino Chkheidze Gogi's mother
Boris Tsipuria
Boris Tsipuria taxi driver
Viktor Sergachyov
Viktor Sergachyov rapporteur
Georgy Zholud
Georgy Zholud alcoholic
Georgi Tusuzov
Georgi Tusuzov fisherman
Directed By: Georgi Shchukin, Boris Bushmelev, + 1 more
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