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1001 Arabian Nights (1959)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Abe Levitow
Crew Art Art Direction 92.30

Czenzi Ormonde
Crew Writing Screenplay 93.60

Dick Kinney
Crew Writing Story 91.40

Dick Shaw
Crew Writing Story 78.90

George Duning
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 94.80

Jack Kinney
Crew Directing Director 97.30

Joe Siracusa
Crew Editing Editor 85.60

John P. Livadary
Crew Sound Sound 94.30

Leo Salkin
Crew Writing Story 79.50

Lew Keller
Crew Writing Story 59.50

Paul Schneider
Crew Writing Story 74.00

Pete Burness
Crew Writing Story 90.00

Stephen Bosustow
Crew Production Producer 81.70

Ted Allan
Crew Writing Story 83.30

Earl Bennett
Crew Editing Editor 27.30

Robert Dranko
Crew Art Production Design 59.50

Ed Nofziger
Crew Writing Story 27.30

Skip Craig
Crew Editing Editor 27.30

Margaret Schneider
Crew Writing Story 27.30

Dwayne Hickman
Cast Actor Aladdin (voice) 4999999.5

Hans Conried
Cast Actor The Wicked Wazir (voice) 3333333

Herschel Bernardi
Cast Actor The Jinni of the Lamp (voice) 2499999.75

Jim Backus
Cast Actor Uncle Abdul Azziz Magoo (voice) 9999999

Kathryn Grant
Cast Actress Princess Yasminda (voice) 9999999
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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