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101 Dalmatians (1996)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Adrian Biddle
Crew Camera Director of Photography 99.90

Edward S. Feldman
Crew Production Executive Producer 99.50

John Dillon
Crew Visual Effects Animation 99.00

John Hughes
Crew Writing Screenplay, Producer 99.90

Larry Bock
Crew Editing Editor 98.50

Michael Kamen
Crew Sound Music 99.90

Ricardo Mestres
Crew Production Producer 99.70

Rich Draper
Crew Visual Effects Animation 93.90

Stephen Herek
Crew Directing Director 96.70

Trudy Ship
Crew Editing Editor 96.50

Peter N. Brown
Crew Crew Carpenter 99.90

Brian Capron
Cast Actor Television News Reporter 624999.9375

Frank Welker
Cast Actor Pongo / Pordy (voice) 833333.25

Glenn Close
Cast Actress Cruella De Vil 9999999

Harry Fielder
Cast Actor Passerby 588235.23529412

Hugh Fraser
Cast Actor Frederick 1249999.875

Hugh Laurie
Cast Actor Jasper 2499999.75

Jeff Daniels
Cast Actor Roger Dearly 9999999

Joan Plowright
Cast Actress Nanny 3333333

Joely Richardson
Cast Actress Anita Campbell-Green 4999999.5

John Benfield
Cast Actor Doorman 909090.81818182

John Shrapnel
Cast Actor L. Skinner 1666666.5

Mark Williams
Cast Actor Horace 1999999.8

Michael Percival
Cast Actor Police Inspector 1111111

Mickie McGowan
Cast Actress Additional Dialogue Replacement (voice) 714285.64285714

Neville Phillips
Cast Actor Minister 999999.9

Sherry Lynn
Cast Actress Additional Dialogue Replacement (voice) 769230.69230769

Tim McInnerny
Cast Actor Alonzo 1428571.2857143

Gerald Paris
Cast Doctor 666666.6

Toby Hinson
Cast Man In Park 555555.5

Zohren Weiss
Cast Herbert 526315.73684211
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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