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11 AM

11 A.M. (2013)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
Kim Hyunsuk
Kim Hyun-suk
Crew Directing Director, Writer 89.10
Seunghwan Lee
Seung-hwan Lee
Crew Writing Writer 72.30
Lee Hanseung
Lee Han-seung
Crew Production Producer 74.20
Yoo Yeongah
Yoo Yeong-ah
Crew Writing Writer 81.60
Hwang Kisuk
Hwang Ki-suk
Crew Camera Director of Photography 83.40
Lee Woojeong
Lee Woo-jeong
Crew Production Producer 72.30
Kim Jungwon
Kim Jung-won
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 83.60
Kim KyuWon
Kim Kyu-Won
Crew Writing Writer 72.30
Lee Mina
Lee Min-a
Crew Art Production Design 72.30
Nam Seongju
Nam Seong-ju
Crew Art Set Decoration 85.90
Kim Yeongbok
Kim Yeong-bok
Crew Art Props 82.40
Lee Jungsuk
Lee Jung-suk
Crew Production Producer 75.00
Hong Euijeong
Hong Eui-jeong
Crew Crew Martial Arts Choreographer 76.20
Choo Kyoungyeob
Choo Kyoung-yeob
Crew Camera Camera Operator 75.00
Park Chulmin
Park Chul-min
Cast Actor Park Young-shik 1111111
Jung Jaeyoung
Jung Jae-young
Cast Actor Woo-seok 9999999
Oh Gwangrok
Oh Gwang-rok
Cast Actor Doctor Seo 1249999.875
Lee Daeyeon
Lee Dae-yeon
Cast Actor Chief Jo 1999999.8
Kim Okvin
Kim Ok-vin
Cast Actress Young-eun 3333333
Daniel Choi
Daniel Choi
Cast Actor Ji-wan 2499999.75
Shin Daeun
Shin Da-eun
Cast Actress Namgoong Sook 1428571.2857143
Kim Hyoseo
Kim Hyo-seo
Cast Actress Ji-yoon 999999.9
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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