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11:59 (2005)

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Jamin Winans
Crew Directing Director, Writer 92.70

Christopher Soren Kelly
Cast Actor Thomas Hastings 2499999.75

Daniel S. Ehrlich
Cast Actor Kennedy 909090.81818182

Raymond Andrew Bailey
Cast Aaron Doherty 9999999

Rafael Hernández
Cast Actor Guillermo Rodriguez 1249999.875

Laura Fuller
Cast Lisa Winders 9999999

Liz Cunningham
Cast Adele 3333333

Rosa Vasquez
Cast Alicia Vasquez 1999999.8

Crista Benavidez
Cast Natalie Vasquez 1666666.5

Steef Sealy
Cast Richard Larson 1111111

Shelley Krause
Cast La mère d'Aaron 999999.9
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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