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12 Angry Men (1957)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Robert Markel
Crew Art Art Direction 98.00

Boris Kaufman
Crew Camera Director of Photography 98.60

Carl Lerner
Crew Editing Editor 98.10

Don Kranze
Crew Directing Assistant Director 98.80

Faith Hubley
Crew Directing Script Supervisor 98.00

George Justin
Crew Production Associate Producer 99.30

Henry Fonda
Crew Production Producer 99.60

Herman Buchman
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 98.10

James A. Gleason
Crew Sound Sound 98.00

Kenyon Hopkins
Crew Sound Original Music Composer, Conductor 98.30

Reginald Rose
Crew Writing Screenplay, Producer, Story 98.20

Saul Midwall
Crew Camera Camera Operator 98.00

Sidney Lumet
Crew Directing Director 99.90

Billy Nelson
Cast Court Clerk (uncredited) 666666.6

E.G. Marshall
Cast Actor Juror 4 3333333

Ed Begley
Cast Actor Juror 10 1111111

Edward Binns
Cast Actor Juror 6 1999999.8

George Voskovec
Cast Actor Juror 11 999999.9

Henry Fonda
Cast Actor Juror 8 1428571.2857143

Jack Klugman
Cast Actor Juror 5 2499999.75

Jack Warden
Cast Actor Juror 7 1666666.5

James Kelly
Cast Guard (uncredited) 714285.64285714

John Fiedler
Cast Actor Juror 2 9999999

John Savoca
Cast The Accused (uncredited) 624999.9375

Joseph Sweeney
Cast Actor Juror 9 1249999.875

Lee J. Cobb
Cast Actor Juror 3 4999999.5

Martin Balsam
Cast Actor Juror 1 9999999

Robert Webber
Cast Actor Juror 12 909090.81818182

Rudy Bond
Cast Actor Judge (uncredited) 833333.25

Walter Stocker
Cast Actor Man Waiting for Elevator (uncredited) 588235.23529412

Tom Gorman
Cast Stenographer (uncredited) 769230.69230769
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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