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12 Golden Ducks (2015)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Matt Chow
Crew Directing Director, Writer 89.30

Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu
Crew Production Producer 90.60

Wai Chiu Chung
Crew Editing Editor 85.40

Edmond Fung
Crew Camera Director of Photography 85.60

Anthony Wong
Cast Actor Lo 4999999.5

Carman Lee
Cast Actress Rocky's Client 1111111

Derek Kwok
Cast Actor Doctor 416666.625

Eason Chan
Cast Actor Kenjie 666666.6

Joey Yung
Cast Actress LLCC 714285.64285714

Lisa Lu
Cast Actress Aunt May 833333.25

Louis Koo
Cast Actor Rocky 9999999

Nicholas Tse
Cast Actor Ma Chi-Kin 1428571.2857143

Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu
Cast Actress Future Cheung 9999999

Hui Siu-Hung
Cast Actor Cheung Chen 454545.40909091

Simon Yam
Cast Actor King Sum 555555.5

Zhao Wei
Cast Actress Young Aunt May 1666666.5

Wyman Wong Wai-Man
Cast Actor Lincows 1249999.875

Eddie Peng
Cast Actor Himself 333333.3

Fiona Sit
Cast Actress Hak's Client 769230.69230769

Lu Han
Cast Actor Lu Han 344827.55172414

Isabella Leong
Cast Actress CEO woman 588235.23529412

Kelvin Kwan
Cast Actor Ah Man 384615.34615385

Chrissie Chau
Cast Actress Mrs Chau 434782.56521739

Pakho Chau
Cast Actor Jamie 2499999.75

Ivana Wong
Cast Actress Poy 399999.96

June Lam
Cast Hing Hing 357142.82142857

Dada Chan
Cast Actress Kitty 370370.33333333

Baby John Choi
Cast Actor Nebula 1999999.8

Philip Keung
Cast Actor Hak 999999.9

Joyce Cheng
Cast Actress Joyce 526315.73684211

Lo Hoi-Pang
Cast Actor Eddie Pang 909090.81818182

Michelle Chen
Cast Actress Suk-Fan 624999.9375

Wilfred Lau
Cast Actor Saul-Yun 3333333

Michelle Lo
Cast Xiao Xiao 476190.42857143

Michelle Wai
Cast Actress Jamie's Student 499999.95
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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