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12 Paces without a Head (2009)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Ralph Schwingel
Crew Production Producer 93.30

Stefan Schubert
Crew Production Producer 93.30

Steffen Kahles
Crew Sound Music, Editor 83.00

Sven Taddicken
Crew Directing Director 88.20

Christoph Blaser
Crew Sound Music 83.00

Matthias Pacht
Crew Crew Script 86.80

Florian Miosge
Crew Editing Editor 70.00

Uwe Kolbe
Crew Production Producer 78.90

Björn Vosgerau
Crew Production Producer 27.30

Achim Reichel
Cast Actor Henker Rosenfeld 714285.64285714

Detlev Buck
Cast Actor Waffenhändler 1111111

Falk Rockstroh
Cast Actor Pfeffersack 555555.5

Jana Pallaske
Cast Actress Okka 1428571.2857143

Martin Klempnow
Cast Actor Landratte in der Kneipe 624999.9375

Matthias Schweighöfer
Cast Actor Gödeke Michels 9999999

Peter Kurth
Cast Actor Keno Tom Brooke 909090.81818182

Ferris M.C.
Cast Actor Beule 1666666.5

Godehard Giese
Cast Actor Kaufmann im Fass 526315.73684211

Simon Gosejohann
Cast Actor Fokko Johannson 666666.6

Sven Hönig
Cast Landratte in der Kneipe 588235.23529412
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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