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12 and Holding (2005)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Amy Robinson
Crew Production Executive Producer 97.90

Andrew Spaulding
Crew Production Executive Producer 88.70

Anthony Cipriano
Crew Writing Writer 95.70

Brian Bell
Crew Production Producer 99.60

Doug Mankoff
Crew Production Executive Producer 92.60

Jenny Schweitzer
Crew Production Producer 86.30

Judy Henderson
Crew Production Casting 95.10

Leslie Urdang
Crew Production Producer 91.00

Lucio Seixas
Crew Art Production Design 87.50

Marina Draghici
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 92.50

Michael Cuesta
Crew Directing Director, Producer 99.90

Michael Hoffman
Crew Production Executive Producer 98.00

Michael Nozik
Crew Production Executive Producer 97.80

Nick Goodwin Self
Crew Production Co-Producer 83.50

Romeo Tirone
Crew Camera Director of Photography 98.00

Eric Friedewald
Crew Art Art Direction 83.20

Mike Downey
Crew Production Executive Producer 86.10

Pierre Földes
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 85.80

Frank Frattaroli
Crew Production Executive Producer 87.60

Kane Platt
Crew Editing Editor 82.70

Eric Carlson
Crew Editing Editor 82.10

Adam LeFevre
Cast Actor Gabe Artunion 769230.69230769

Annabella Sciorra
Cast Actress Carla Chuang 2499999.75

Bruce Altman
Cast Actor Coach Gilmore 714285.64285714

Jayne Atkinson
Cast Actress Ashley Carges 1999999.8

Jeremy Renner
Cast Actor Gus Maitland 3333333

Jesse Camacho
Cast Actor Leonard Fisher 4999999.5

Linus Roache
Cast Actor Jim Carges 1666666.5

Marcia DeBonis
Cast Actress Grace Fisher 1428571.2857143

Mark Linn-Baker
Cast Actor Mr. Farmer 666666.6

Merritt Wever
Cast Actress Debbie Poole 588235.23529412

Tom McGowan
Cast Actor Patrick Fisher 1249999.875

Tony Roberts
Cast Actor Doctor 624999.9375

Conor Donovan
Cast Actor Jacob / Rudy Carges 9999999

Michael C. Fuchs
Cast Kenny 1111111

Zoe Weizenbaum
Cast Actress Malee Chuang 9999999

Joseph Foster
Cast Keith Gardner 909090.81818182

Max Miner
Cast Tommy 833333.25

Martin Campetta
Cast Jeff 999999.9
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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