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Twelve in a Box (2007)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

John Mckenzie
Crew Directing Director, Story, Screenplay 78.90

Bruce Windwood
Crew Writing Story 58.60

Brian Mitchell
Cast Actor Brian 769230.69230769

Clare Welch
Cast Actress Martha 624999.9375

Kenneth Collard
Cast Actor Barry 1666666.5

Paul Williamson
Cast Actor Bill 555555.5

Belle Mary Hithersay
Cast Alice 999999.9

Glynne Steele
Cast Adam 714285.64285714

Ian Groombridge
Cast Darren 1428571.2857143

Lucy Chalkley
Cast Samantha 2499999.75

Miranda Hart
Cast Actress Rachel 1249999.875

Phoebe Sweeney
Cast Tina 666666.6

Anjella Mackintosh
Cast Shirley 909090.81818182

David Burrows-Sutcliffe
Cast Actor Sgt Porter 4999999.5

Geoffrey Wildey
Cast Butler 588235.23529412

Jane McDowell
Cast Julie 833333.25

Katy Wix
Cast Actress Andrea 526315.73684211

Robert Hines
Cast Actor Gary 499999.95

Robert Cargill
Cast Alan Hayward 3333333
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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