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12 to the Moon Poster

12 to the Moon

1h 14m
Science Fiction
A group of twelve international scientists are the first to land on the moon. In their exploration of the surface, they run into all kinds of trouble, including threatening messages from alien life forms residing on the moon. Just a short nine years before the historic moon landing, this film's understanding of the science of space exploration is fantastically simplistic, but this well-made science fiction film holds interest with a strong cast and intriguingly strange events, photographed with great style by John Alton. Ken Clark, Michi Kobi, Tom Conway, John Wengraf, and Robert Montgomery Jr. portray the intrepid scientists.
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Tubi TV
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Ken Clark
Capt. John Anderson
Michi Kobi
Dr. Hideko Murata
Tom Conway
Dr. Feodor Orloff
Anthony Dexter
Dr. Luis Vargas
Dr. Sigrid Bomark
John Wengraf
Dr. Erich Heinrich
Muzaffer Tema
Dr. Selim Hamid
Robert Montgomery Jr
Roddy Murdock
Phillip Baird
Dr. William Rochester
Richard Weber
Dr. David Ruskin
Roger Til
Dr. Etienne Martel
Cory Devlin
Dr. Asmara Markonen
Francis X Bushman
Secretary General of the Internatio...
Directed By: David Bradley

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