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$ (1971)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

George Grenville
Crew Editing Editor 88.80

Petrus Schloemp
Crew Camera Director of Photography 78.40

Quincy Jones
Crew Sound Music 97.10

Richard Brooks
Crew Directing Director, Writer 97.10

Frank Winterstein
Crew Production Unit Manager 82.50

M.J. Frankovich
Crew Production Producer 89.90

Ralph Hall
Crew Sound Music Editor 76.80

Arthur Brauss
Cast Actor Candy Man 1999999.8

Christiane Maybach
Cast Actress Helga 1249999.875

Gert Fröbe
Cast Actor Mr. Kessel 4999999.5

Goldie Hawn
Cast Actress Dawn Divine 9999999

Klaus Schichan
Cast Knifeman (as Klaus Tschichan) 714285.64285714

Robert Stiles
Cast Major 1666666.5

Robert Webber
Cast Actor Attorney 3333333

Scott Brady
Cast Actor Sarge 2499999.75

Warren Beatty
Cast Actor Joe Collins 9999999

Wolfgang Kieling
Cast Actor Granich 1428571.2857143

Wolfgang Kuhlmann
Cast Furcoat 769230.69230769

Bob Herron
Cast Actor Bodyguard (as Robert Herron) 1111111

Hans Hutter
Cast Karl 999999.9

Monica Stender
Cast Berta 909090.81818182

Francoise Blanc
Cast Stripper 666666.6
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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