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13 Cameras Poster

13 Cameras

1h 27m
Crime, Drama, Horror
Newlyweds Claire and Ryan have just moved into a new house. Both are hoping Claire’s pregnancy will be the cement needed to hold their already fraying relationship together. Little do they know their marital issues are the least of their problems. For unbeknownst to them, their scruffy, sleazy and lascivious landlord has installed numerous miniature cameras all over their home and has been spying on them from Day One. Then Ryan begins an office affair, and the landlord kits out the secret basement with chains and soundproofing. Something is going to give in this suburban shocker packed with nasty surprises.
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Directed By: Victor Zarcoff

Featured Comments/Tips

XtianHawk says...
5 years ago
"I like how the movie was building up but disappointing ending. "
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PaulVincent83 says...
one year ago
"I've seen worse movies like this one, it seemed like it was going okay but then it just ended out of nowhere which left me feeling "meh", so I rated it "meh.""
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Bradym03 says...
one year ago
"Neville Archambault everyone. The real star of the show. If I have to be honest, I've never seen anyone like him before. Not wanting to sound rude when it comes to appearance, but he looks like a mutant, and there's no other way of describing it. He plays the creepy landlord very well. The movie itself is...average. The movie never seems to go away. And why do I feel there was more than 13 cameras."
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plittlefield says...
3 years ago
"Genuinely creepy in parts and better than I was expecting with some neatly constructed pieces and half decent acting. Worth a watch! 6/10"
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Featured User Reviews

John Chard
3 years ago
As dreadful and as dumb as could be.

I'm not normally one for calling a movie dumb, but where this picture is concerned it's a word that practically leaps out at you in every frame of this poorly constructed piece.

A young couple awaiting their first child rent a house from Gerald (Neville Arc More
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