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$1,000 on the Black (1966)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Alberto Cardone
Crew Directing Director 95.40

Amedeo Mellone
Crew Production Production Designer 83.70

Antonio Morelli
Crew Production Executive Producer 86.00

Ernesto Gastaldi
Crew Writing Writer 94.80

Gino Santini
Crew Camera Director of Photography 77.40

Mario Siciliano
Crew Production Producer 81.40

Michele Lacerenza
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 98.90

Rolf Olsen
Crew Writing Writer 86.20

Romeo Ciatti
Crew Editing Editor 83.30

Vittorio Salerno
Crew Writing Writer 80.00

Angelika Ott
Cast Actress Manuela Holt 1999999.8

Anthony Steffen
Cast Actor Johnny Liston 9999999

Carla Calò
Cast Actress Rhonda Liston 1111111

Carlo D'Angelo
Cast Judge Waldorf 999999.9

Daniela Igliozzi
Cast Mary 1666666.5

Erika Blanc
Cast Actress Joselita/Joschita Rogers 4999999.5

Fortunato Arena
Cast Townsman 1428571.2857143

Franco Fantasia
Cast Actor Sheriff 3333333

Mario Dionisi
Cast Sartana's henchman 909090.81818182

Salvatore Borgese
Cast Actor Mexican in bar 1249999.875

Sieghardt Rupp
Cast Actor Ralph 2499999.75
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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