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13 Going on 30 (2004)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Al Lewis
Crew Art Art Department Coordinator 97.40

Amy Schmiederer
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 97.20

Angel De Angelis
Crew Costume & Make-Up Key Hair Stylist 97.50

Barry Wetcher
Crew Camera Still Photographer 99.80

Bob Beher
Crew Sound Foley Supervisor 99.90

Brad Sherman
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer 99.90

Cathy Yuspa
Crew Writing Screenplay 97.50

Chris Cornwell
Crew Art Art Direction 99.50

Cindy J. Williams
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Department Head 93.70

Dan Kolsrud
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Daniel Pinder
Crew Sound Music Editor 100.00

Deborah La Mia Denaver
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 99.30

Don Burgess
Crew Camera Director of Photography 99.80

Donna Roth
Crew Production Producer 96.90

Ellen Lewis
Crew Production Casting 99.90

Emily Ferry
Crew Art Property Master 98.80

Frances Mathias
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hair Department Head 99.60

Garreth Stover
Crew Art Production Design 98.30

Gary Winick
Crew Directing Director 99.20

Geoffrey G. Rubay
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor 99.90

Gina Matthews
Crew Production Producer 93.80

Gintar Repecka
Crew Crew Special Effects Coordinator 95.30

Greg Steele
Crew Sound ADR Mixer 100.00

Harry Cohen
Crew Sound Sound Designer 99.70

Hector C. Gika
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor 100.00

Hugh Waddell
Crew Sound Dialogue Editor 100.00

James J. Sabat Jr.
Crew Sound Sound Recordist 96.00

James Sabat
Crew Sound Sound Mixer 99.90

Jamie Stevenson
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Producer 97.00

Jeff Werner
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Producer 98.40

Jeffrey Wilhoit
Crew Sound Foley Artist 100.00

Jennifer Euston
Crew Production Casting Associate 97.00

John Houlihan
Crew Sound Music Supervisor 99.90

Jon Taylor
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer 99.30

Josh Goldsmith
Crew Writing Screenplay 93.80

Katherine Rees
Crew Costume & Make-Up Key Hair Stylist 98.70

Kosta Saric
Crew Crew Visual Effects Editor 99.90

Lauren Buckley
Crew Art Art Department Coordinator 97.10

Leslie E. Rollins
Crew Art Set Decoration 98.60

Marisa Aboitiz
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Supervisor 99.60

Marta Font
Crew Costume & Make-Up Set Costumer 96.70

Michael Reitz
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hairstylist 98.30

Nerses Gezalyan
Crew Sound Sound Mixer, Foley Recordist 100.00

Patrick B. O'Brien
Crew Camera Camera Operator 97.50

Perry Robertson
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor 97.80

Peter Gelfman
Crew Art Property Master 99.80

Sharron Reynolds-Enriquez
Crew Directing Script Supervisor 98.50

Steven Kirshoff
Crew Crew Special Effects Coordinator 99.30

Susan Arnold
Crew Production Producer 98.30

Susan Littenberg
Crew Editing Editor 98.20

Susie DeSanto
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 98.70

Terri Taylor
Crew Production Casting 100.00

Theodore Shapiro
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 99.80

Todd Garner
Crew Production Executive Producer 99.60

Tom Bellfort
Crew Sound Supervising Sound Editor 100.00

Tracy Bennett
Crew Camera Still Photographer 99.70

David Jones
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Supervisor 99.30

Ángela Núñez
Crew Costume & Make-Up Set Costumer 94.70

Zoran Veselic
Crew Camera First Assistant Camera 99.90

Don Steinberg
Crew Camera First Assistant Camera 99.50

Sean Landeros
Crew Sound Sound Recordist 99.90

David MacMillan
Crew Sound Sound Mixer 95.70

Barrett Hong
Crew Costume & Make-Up Set Costumer 94.30

Joseph M. Odrejko
Crew Art Construction Coordinator 94.30

Joseph S. Alfieri
Crew Art Construction Coordinator 99.70

Adrian Armas
Cast Actor Dancer 232558.11627907

Alex Black
Cast Actor Young Chris 624999.9375

Alexandra Kyle
Cast Actress Young Lucy 1666666.5

Andy Serkis
Cast Actor Richard Kneeland 3333333

Brandon Henschel
Cast Dance 212765.93617021

Brie Larson
Cast Actress Six Chick 555555.5

Carmit Bachar
Cast Actress Dancer 227272.70454545

Corena Chase
Cast Actress Poise Employee 249999.975

Ian Barford
Cast Actor Pete Hansen 263157.86842105

Jennifer Garner
Cast Actress Jenna Rink 9999999

Jim Gaffigan
Cast Actor Chris Grandy 666666.6

Judy Greer
Cast Actress Lucy "Tom-Tom" Wyman 4999999.5

Kathy Baker
Cast Actress Beverly Rink 1428571.2857143

Kiersten Warren
Cast Actress Trish Sackett 769230.69230769

Marcia DeBonis
Cast Actress Arlene 833333.25

Mark Ruffalo
Cast Actor Matt "Matty" Flamhaff 9999999

Mary Pat Gleason
Cast Actress Mrs. Flamhaff 384615.34615385

Maz Jobrani
Cast Actor Glenn 416666.625

Megan Lusk
Cast Actress Six Chick 370370.33333333

Nadine Ellis
Cast Actress Dancer 238095.21428571

Nancy O'Meara
Cast Actress Dancer 199999.98

Nicole Abisinio
Cast Actress Wardrobe Designer (uncredited) 192307.67307692

Phil Reeves
Cast Actor Wayne Rink 1249999.875

Philip Pavel
Cast Actor Phil 333333.3

Renee Olstead
Cast Actress Becky 499999.95

Robinne Lee
Cast Actress Rachel 322580.61290323

Samuel Ball
Cast Actor Alex Carlson 999999.9

Scout Taylor-Compton
Cast Actress Tiffany 714285.64285714

Sean Marquette
Cast Actor Young Matt 1999999.8

Sydni Beaudoin
Cast Sydni 285714.25714286

Tyce Diorio
Cast Dancer 222222.2

Ashley Benson
Cast Actress Six Chick 588235.23529412

Brittany Curran
Cast Actress Six Chick 526315.73684211

Catherine Combs
Cast Catherine 303030.27272727

Christa B. Allen
Cast Actress Young Jenna 2499999.75

Gia Mantegna
Cast Actress Gina 294117.61764706

Irena Violette
Cast Actress Partygoer 270270.24324324

Kimberly Wyatt
Cast Actress Dancer 204081.6122449

Lynn Collins
Cast Actress Wendy 1111111

Benita Krista Nall
Cast Actress Waitress at Party 312499.96875

Crystal Michelle
Cast Actress Poise Secretary 243902.41463415

Sara Swain
Cast Actress Sara 256410.23076923

Stacey Harper
Cast Actress Dancer 217391.2826087

Kadee Sweeney
Cast Actress Dancer 208333.3125

Julia Roth
Cast Six Chick 357142.82142857

Sarah Loew
Cast Carla 344827.55172414

George Hine
Cast Actor Grandy's Friend 277777.75

Tara Battani
Cast Actress Poise Party Guest (uncredited) 196078.41176471

Kayla Hickson
Cast Mindy 476190.42857143

Nick Olig
Cast Himself 454545.40909091

Steven Strozza
Cast Himself 434782.56521739
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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