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13 Hours in a Warehouse Poster

13 Hours in a Warehouse

1h 32m
Horror, Thriller, Mystery
As five underworld heavies settle in for an all night stay at an abandoned warehouse and former film studio, a series of bizarre and unsettling occurrences quickly lead them to believe they are not alone. It was supposed to be a simple night of babysitting a single hostage, but when a series of numbers began to appear on the walls things soon took a dark turn. Later, after the hostage escapes, the perplexed thugs not only learn that there is a rat in the ranks, but also discover the unsettling nature of the films that were shot in the warehouse. Now, as terror takes hold, the thieves are about to discover that they are being stalked from the shadows and that their odds of living to see daybreak are shrinking with each passing minute.Written by Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
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Paul Cram
Craig Teller
Chars Bonin
Randy Hancock
Carson Lee
Steve Johnson
Cody Lyman
Paul White
Daniel Jay Salmen
Mike Hancock (as Danny Salmen)
Meisha Johnson
Jennifer Wilkins (as Meisha P.J. Jo...
Carly McMenoman
Ghost #1
Rachel Grubb
Ghost #2
Kathryn Vento
Ghost #3
Kati Batchelder
Gallery Owner
Mark Wipple
Body Guard #1
Terry Jones
Body Guard #2
Daniel Mayer
Mr. Hancock
Bennett Bervig
Young Randy in Photo
Jared Kaufman
Young Mike in Photo
Directed By: Dav Kaufman

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