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13 Moons (2002)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Alexandre Rockwell
Crew Directing Director, Writer 92.30

Brandon Cole
Crew Writing Writer, Producer 85.30

Brian Kelly
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 74.00

Chris Stinson
Crew Production Production Coordinator 89.20

Christine Irwin
Crew Art Set Decoration 70.00

David Kronemeyer
Crew Production Producer 76.40

James Flatto
Crew Sound Music Editor 79.50

John David Allen
Crew Editing Editor 85.00

Larry Katz
Crew Production Executive Producer 85.70

Mike Crawford
Crew Production Line Producer 87.10

Paul Brooks
Crew Production Executive Producer 94.80

Phil Parmet
Crew Camera Director of Photography 93.50

Sheila Jaffe
Crew Production Casting 99.60

T. Scott Keiner
Crew Production Production Coordinator 70.00

Kevin Salem
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 70.00

Lisa Parmet
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 99.20

Chuck Voelter
Crew Art Production Design 84.40

Peter Judson
Crew Crew Post Production Supervisor 72.30

Michael Din
Crew Production Producer 76.40

Alexandre Rockwell
Cast Actor Man 285714.25714286

Brandon Cole
Cast Actor Troubled Man 294117.61764706

Chosei Funahara
Cast Partyer 249999.975

David Proval
Cast Actor Mo Potter 1666666.5

Edward Bunker
Cast Actor Hoodlum #1 357142.82142857

Elizabeth Bracco
Cast Actress Louise Potter 9999999

Francesco Messina
Cast Actor Robert 714285.64285714

Jake La Botz
Cast Actor Right-to-Lifer 384615.34615385

Jason Matthew Smith
Cast Actor Bar Cop 399999.96

Jennifer Beals
Cast Actress Suzi 9999999

Joshua Miller
Cast Actor Butch Kid 454545.40909091

Julius LeFlore
Cast Julius 344827.55172414

Lester Speight
Cast Actor Vincent 312499.96875

Lorelei Leslie
Cast Actress Blinta 555555.5

Louise Parsons
Cast Actress ER Nurse 303030.27272727

Matthew Sussman
Cast Actor Doctor Monroe 666666.6

Michael Badalucco
Cast Actor Producer 434782.56521739

Michael Parks
Cast Actor Bartender 416666.625

Peter Dinklage
Cast Actor Binky 3333333

Peter Stormare
Cast Actor Slovo 1249999.875

Pruitt Taylor Vince
Cast Actor Owen 1111111

Ralph Guzzo
Cast Actor Partyer 322580.61290323

Rose Rollins
Cast Actress Sanandra 1428571.2857143

Sam Rockwell
Cast Actor Rick 769230.69230769

Sean Brennan
Cast Actor Mod Guy 263157.86842105

Steve Buscemi
Cast Actor Bananas The Clown 4999999.5

Steven Anthony Lawrence
Cast Actor Stevie 476190.42857143

Steven Randazzo
Cast Actor Sgt. Mazzo 526315.73684211

Terry Cooley
Cast Actor Poolah 588235.23529412

Nathan Engelman
Cast Actor Prostitute's John 256410.23076923

Michael Din
Cast Lenny's Driver 270270.24324324
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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