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13 Sins

1h 33m
Horror, Thriller
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13 Sins Poster
Drowning in debt as he's about to get married, a bright but meek salesman receives a mysterious phone call informing him that he's on a hidden-camera game show where he must execute 13 tasks to receive a multi-million dollar cash prize.
13 Sins Poster

13 Sins

1h 33m
Horror, Thriller
Drowning in debt as he's about to get married, a bright but meek salesman receives a mysterious phone call informing him that he's on a hidden-camera game show where he must execute 13 tasks to receive a multi-million dollar cash prize.
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Mark Webber
Devon Graye
Ron Perlman
Det. Chilcoat
Rutina Wesley
Christopher Berry
Detective Vance
Tom Bower
Ritchie Montgomery
Apartment Manager
John McConnell
Judd Lormand
Diner Cop
Clyde Jones
Deneen Tyler
Lance E Nichols
Police Captain
Danny Cosmo
Mr. Shaw
Tom Lawson Jr
Prof. Edgar Solomon
Brylee Kate Woodard
Little Girl
Robert Larriviere
Sketch Artist
Stephanie Honor
Junkie Girl
Jenn Foreman
Angela Jones
Aunt Jessica
Sharon Smith
Greg Pearson
Security Guard
Directed By: Daniel Stamm

Featured Comments/Tips

sudravirodhin says...
6 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
"The ending didn't make sense to me. He could have had it all, what did killing the cop give him? Otherwise fun film."
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sp1ti says...
8 years ago
"I really enjoyed the thai movie "13 Beloved" on which this one is based upon but I must say this is not exactly what I hoped for. While both play with humor initially, this one gets serious rather quick and amps up the "mistery" angle of the whole money game but never really delivers. The original handled this with a side character who is looking into the main guys strange behaviour and actually reveals what's behind it but that ending is rather unpopular I belive so certain changes were expected on my side. Unfortunatley they went with a rather silly route which imho undermines the whole setup. Maybe I missed something but really that was just dumb and brings the movie down because it wasn't really that bad."
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birdcages says...
8 months ago
"entertaining but definitely stronger in the beginning. the humor made for a better experience so i'm tempted to check out the original if it's more consistent throughout the entire movie."
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jarvis-8243417 says...
2 years ago
"A disturbing psychological thriller, 13 Sins is a bit familiar but still manages to deliver some mystery and excitement. In desperate need of money to support his family Elliot Brindle enters into a multi-million dollar competition to complete 13 challenges, but as the challenges become more extreme he begins to question whether winning will be worth the cost. The challenges are rather creative and do a good job at getting progressively more disturbing and at building intrigue. Still, the shadow organization stuff is pretty cliché and formulaic; with the group being all powerful and all knowing. Yet despite its lack of originality, 13 Sins is a frightening and intense look at the hidden darkness within a person."
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Featured User Reviews

3 years ago
**The quick money does not come from easy way!**

It is a remake of the Thai film '13 Beloved'. Not seen the original film, but this is a very familiar theme. Some good films were already made out of it and this one is slightly different. It is about a man who is expecting a baby with his girlfrie More
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