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13 Sins (2014)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Bradford Johnson
Crew Art Set Decoration 99.10

Chelsea Bruland
Crew Crew Dialect Coach 95.80

D. Chris Smith
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor 96.60

Dana Mulligan
Crew Crew Visual Effects Editor 98.40

Daniel Stamm
Crew Directing Director, Screenplay 98.00

David Birke
Crew Writing Screenplay 87.80

James A. Gelarden
Crew Art Production Design 94.70

Ken Speed
Crew Crew Special Effects Coordinator 96.00

Kiki Miyake
Crew Production Producer 88.40

Mary Vernieu
Crew Production Casting 100.00

Michael Wandmacher
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 97.60

Stanton Barrett
Crew Crew Stunt Coordinator 95.20

Venus Kanani
Crew Production Casting 97.70

Allen Parks
Crew Lighting Gaffer 92.90

David De Coster
Crew Sound Foley 90.80

Jeremiah Hansen
Crew Art Art Department Coordinator 92.50

Leonard Marchand
Crew Crew Property Master 84.80

Lisa Marie Dupree
Crew Production Casting 90.20

Remi Tournois
Crew Camera Camera Operator 97.70

Shilpa Sahi
Crew Editing Editor 88.70

Steven Squillante
Crew Production Producer 95.30

Zoltan Honti
Crew Camera Director of Photography 91.20

Aquiles Montalvo
Crew Production Location Manager 87.00

Brent Findley
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor 94.10

Brian Kavanaugh-Jones
Crew Production Producer 99.90

Christian Herrera
Crew Camera Camera Operator 95.50

Crystal Woodford
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hairstylist 92.10

Hailey Authement
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 89.00

Jesse Kees
Crew Editing Dialogue Editor 89.90

John DeVay
Crew Crew Transportation Coordinator 90.20

Marcy Rector
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 95.50

Michele K. Short
Crew Camera Still Photographer 97.90

Christopher M. Foster
Crew Sound Music Editor 93.50

Colin Wilkes
Crew Costume & Make-Up Set Costumer 87.40

Morgan Krutz
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Supervisor 88.50

Viviana Rojas
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor 88.40

Eakasit Thairaat
Crew Writing Original Story 90.90

Christopher Berry
Cast Actor Detective Vance 1999999.8

Clyde Jones
Cast Actor Gerry 909090.81818182

Danny Cosmo
Cast Actor Mr. Shaw 714285.64285714

Deneen Tyler
Cast Actress Joyce 833333.25

John McConnell
Cast Actor Detective 1249999.875

Lance E. Nichols
Cast Actor Police Captain 769230.69230769

Mark Webber
Cast Actor Elliot 9999999

Pruitt Taylor Vince
Cast Actor Vogler 2499999.75

Ritchie Montgomery
Cast Actor Apartment Manager 1428571.2857143

Ron Perlman
Cast Actor Det. Chilcoat 4999999.5

Sabrina Gennarino
Cast Actress Mother 999999.9

Tom Bower
Cast Actor Father 1666666.5

Devon Graye
Cast Michael 9999999

Judd Lormand
Cast Actor Diner Cop 1111111

Rutina Wesley
Cast Actress Shelby 3333333

Robert Larriviere
Cast Actor Sketch Artist 588235.23529412

Stephanie Honoré
Cast Actress Junkie Girl 555555.5

Brittney Alger
Cast Actress Nurse 499999.95

Angela Jones
Cast Actress Aunt Jessica 476190.42857143
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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