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$5 a Day (2008)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Bryce Perrin
Crew Art Production Design 93.10

Carol Baum
Crew Production Producer 96.60

Jane Goldenring
Crew Production Producer 89.60

Joseph Middleton
Crew Production Casting 98.00

Kia Jam
Crew Production Producer 93.20

Neal H. Dobrofsky
Crew Writing Screenplay 89.70

Nigel Cole
Crew Directing Director 96.70

Tippi Dobrofsky
Crew Writing Screenplay 88.90

Alessandro Nivola
Cast Actor Ritchie Flynn Parker 9999999

Amanda Peet
Cast Actress Maggie 1999999.8

Christopher Dempsey
Cast Actor Tim Webber 909090.81818182

Christopher Walken
Cast Actor Nat Parker 9999999

Dean Cain
Cast Actor Rick Carlson 3333333

Luis Ávalos
Cast Actor Martinez 1666666.5

Nectar Rose
Cast Actress Sherry 714285.64285714

Peter Coyote
Cast Actor Burt Kruger 2499999.75

Sharon Stone
Cast Actress Dolores Jones 4999999.5

Beth Bailey
Cast Actress Real Estate Lady 1428571.2857143

Frank Bond
Cast Actor Bar Manager 1111111

Marya Beauvais
Cast Actress Realtor 1249999.875

Vic Browder
Cast Actor Salesman 999999.9

Christopher Hagen
Cast Marty 833333.25
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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