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13th (2016)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Adam Del Deo
Crew Production Executive Producer 97.60

Angus Wall
Crew Production Executive Producer 98.60

Craig Henighan
Crew Sound Sound Mixer 99.50

David Oyelowo
Crew Crew Thanks 99.90

Jeffrey Perkins
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer 98.00

Julie Pearce
Crew Sound Music Editor 99.80

Kira Kelly
Crew Camera Director of Photography 82.40

Lise Richardson
Crew Sound Music Editor 97.00

Oprah Winfrey
Crew Crew Thanks 99.90

Ava DuVernay
Crew Writing Writer, Director, Producer 97.50

Lisa Nishimura
Crew Production Executive Producer 98.60

Spencer Averick
Crew Writing Writer, Editor, Producer 91.30

Hans Charles
Crew Camera Director of Photography 90.00

Jason Moran
Crew Sound Music 88.00

Howard Barish
Crew Production Producer 84.20

Angela Davis
Cast Actress Self 9999999

Bill Clinton
Cast Actor Self (archive footage) 666666.6

Donald Trump
Cast Actor Self (archive footage) 555555.5

George H. W. Bush
Cast Actor Self (archive footage) 526315.73684211

George W. Bush
Cast Actor Self (archive footage) 588235.23529412

Gina Clayton
Cast Actress Self 1428571.2857143

Hillary Clinton
Cast Actress Self (archive footage) 499999.95

Jimmy Carter
Cast Actor Self (archive footage) 624999.9375

Malcolm X
Cast Actor Self (archive footage) 454545.40909091

Martin Luther King
Cast Actor Self (archive footage) 476190.42857143

Barack Obama
Cast Actor Self (archive footage) 714285.64285714

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Cast Actor Self 4999999.5

Cory Booker
Cast Actor Self 2499999.75

Michelle Alexander
Cast Actress Self 3333333

Van Jones
Cast Actor Self 769230.69230769

Bryan Stevenson
Cast Self 999999.9

Jelani Cobb
Cast Actor Himself 9999999

Marie Gottschalk
Cast Actress Self 1999999.8

John Hagan
Cast Self 833333.25

David Keene
Cast Self 1249999.875

James Kilgore
Cast Self 1111111

Nicholas Turner
Cast Self 909090.81818182

Michael Hough
Cast Actor Self 1666666.5
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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