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14 Cameras (2018)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Andrew van den Houten
Crew Production Executive Producer 86.80

Angelique Midthunder
Crew Production Casting 93.20

Kevin McManus
Crew Production Executive Producer 82.10

Matthew McManus
Crew Production Executive Producer 83.20

Paul Koch
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 83.00

Victor Zarcoff
Crew Writing Writer 87.10

Kendra Tuthill
Crew Art Production Design 94.80

Shawn Duffy
Crew Sound Sound 83.90

Seth Fuller
Crew Directing Director, Director of Photography, Producer 83.20

Scott Hussion
Crew Directing Director, Producer 83.20

Gabriel Esling
Crew Lighting Electrician 75.80

Conrado Moreno
Crew Camera Assistant Camera 75.80

Roxy Traino
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costumer 78.40

Jacqueline Chavez
Crew Costume & Make-Up Key Hair Stylist, Key Makeup Artist, Special Effects Makeup Artist 75.80

Sarah Murrey
Crew Art Set Decoration 77.60

Jordan Rudman
Crew Production Executive Producer 82.10

Hank Rogerson
Cast Arthur 624999.9375

Jack Forcinito
Cast Detective 1249999.875

Matthew Page
Cast Actor Police Officer 2 714285.64285714

Amber Midthunder
Cast Actress Danielle 833333.25

Lora Martinez-Cunningham
Cast Actress Lori 909090.81818182

Tait Fletcher
Cast Actor Gargoyle 1428571.2857143

Brianne Moncrief
Cast Claire 769230.69230769

Jacob Browne
Cast Police Officer 1 3333333

John-Paul Howard
Cast Actor Kyle 999999.9

Neville Archambault
Cast Actor Gerald 9999999

Chelsea Edmundson
Cast Actress Sarah 1666666.5

Kodi Saint Angelo
Cast Pixie Chick 4999999.5

Brytnee Ratledge
Cast Molly 666666.6

Sharon Anne Henderson
Cast Tenant #1 1111111

Zach Dulin
Cast Hipster 1999999.8

Daniel Serrano
Cast Farmer 588235.23529412

Gavin White
Cast Jr 555555.5

Melissa Christopher
Cast Actress Pixie chick 526315.73684211
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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