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14 That Night Poster

14 That Night

1h 54m
Drama, Comedy, Romance, Family
In 1987, frustrated junior high student Takashi hates his uncool father hanging around their suburban home all the time, and is pestered by the area’s wannabe gangsters. But he’s interested in the girl next door, the bounteously-breasted Megumi. One day, Takashi hears a rumor that porn actress Kyoko Yokushimaru is coming to town for an autograph session at the only video store in town where Takashi and his judo friends always hang out. Their ridiculous but serious adventure begins. What will Takashi find after all the surprises and chaos? Recalling youth classics like Stand By Me, this is the debut feature of Shin Adachi, Japan Academy Prize-winning screenwriter of 100 Yen Love.
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Naoki Inukai
Takashi Oyama
Nana Asakawa
Takashi's childhood friend
Mari Hamada
Takashi's mother
Mugi Kadowaki
Takashi's sister
Masato Wada
boyfriend of Takashi's sister
Kentaro Ito
Takashi's problematic classmate
Yuzu Aoki
Mitsuru Tada
Rasei Nakajima
Satoshi Okada
Akimasa Kawaguchi
Tsuyoshi Takeuchi
Directed By: Shin Adachi

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