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1408 (2007)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Andrew Laws
Crew Art Production Design 99.70

Benny Urquidez
Crew Crew Stunts 99.20

Benoît Delhomme
Crew Camera Director of Photography 95.40

Bob Weinstein
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Catherine Allinson
Crew Directing Script Supervisor 97.60

Dana Robin
Crew Production Unit Production Manager 96.10

Daniel B. Clancy
Crew Art Set Decoration 99.70

Elaine Grainger
Crew Production Casting 97.70

Gabriel Yared
Crew Sound Music 97.70

Giles Edleston
Crew Art Location Scout 99.30

Harvey Weinstein
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Jake Myers
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Jamie Edgell
Crew Crew Stunt Driver 98.20

Jessica Hurles-Laws
Crew Directing Second Unit First Assistant Director 90.80

Larry Karaszewski
Crew Writing Screenplay 99.10

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura
Crew Production Producer 99.80

Marina Morris
Crew Art Set Decoration 96.10

Mark Kubr
Crew Crew Stunts 99.60

Mark Raggett
Crew Art Art Direction 99.00

Matt Greenberg
Crew Writing Screenplay 97.50

Mikael Håfström
Crew Directing Director 97.50

Natalie Ward
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 98.80

Pat Karam
Crew Production Location Manager 98.60

Paul Corbould
Crew Crew Special Effects 99.80

Peter Boyle
Crew Editing Editor 94.60

Richard Saperstein
Crew Production Executive Producer 99.90

Scott Alexander
Crew Writing Screenplay 99.00

Stephen King
Crew Writing Original Story 100.00

Stuart Kearns
Crew Art Art Direction 99.50

Tina Maskell
Crew Crew Stunts 99.70

Tricia Ronten
Crew Directing Script Supervisor 98.90

David Appleby
Crew Camera Still Photographer 100.00

David Garrick
Crew Crew Stunt Double 99.80

Jessie Thiele
Crew Crew Post Production Supervisor 99.90

Karl Derrick
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 96.80

Kate Ringsell
Crew Production Casting Assistant 99.80

Mark Grimwade
Crew Production Unit Manager 96.40

Tim Mikulecky
Crew Crew Stunt Double 96.40

Gregory J. Barnett
Crew Crew Stunt Coordinator 99.80

Gabriela Vázquez
Crew Production Unit Production Manager 98.90

Jeremy Steckler
Crew Production Associate Producer 97.10

Sarah Franzl
Crew Crew Stunts 97.00

John Anthony
Crew Production Production Supervisor 95.40

Greg Outcalt
Crew Production Production Coordinator 99.10

Kelly Dennis
Crew Production Associate Producer 94.90

Antonia Kalmacoff
Crew Production Associate Producer 94.80

Elena Zokas
Crew Production Unit Production Manager 98.10

Ali Merhi
Crew Production Casting Associate 98.50

Briana Burke
Crew Production Location Manager 97.60

Audra Gorman
Crew Production Location Manager 97.00

Lee David Lee
Crew Art Location Scout 94.80

Rob Lee
Crew Art Location Scout 94.80

Darren Agnew
Crew Art Title Designer 94.80

Una Hill
Crew Production Production Coordinator 94.80

Christian Eric Billings
Crew Crew Stunt Double 95.80

Claire Alderton
Crew Crew Stand In 97.90

Andrew-Lee Potts
Cast Actor Mailbox Guy 588235.23529412

Benny Urquidez
Cast Actor Claw Hammer Maniac 454545.40909091

William Armstrong
Cast Actor Clay 1428571.2857143

Drew Powell
Cast Actor Assistant Hotel Manager 526315.73684211

Eric Meyers
Cast Actor Man #1 at Bookstore 769230.69230769

George Cottle
Cast Actor Mailbox Worker 370370.33333333

Isiah Whitlock Jr.
Cast Actor Hotel Engineer 476190.42857143

Johann Urb
Cast Actor Surfer Dude 624999.9375

John Cusack
Cast Actor Mike Enslin 9999999

Julian Spencer
Cast Actor Mailbox Worker 357142.82142857

Kate Walsh
Cast Actress Mike Enslin's Ex-wife (uncredited) 263157.86842105

Kevin Dobson
Cast Actor Priest 303030.27272727

Kim Thomson
Cast Actress Desk Clerk 555555.5

Len Cariou
Cast Actor Mike's Father 434782.56521739

Margot Leicester
Cast Actress Mrs. Innkeeper 1111111

Mary McCormack
Cast Actress Lilly Enslin 4999999.5

Noah Lee Margetts
Cast Actor Bellboy 1666666.5

Paul Birchard
Cast Actor Mr. Innkeeper 1249999.875

Ray Nicholas
Cast Factory Owner 416666.625

Samuel L. Jackson
Cast Actor Gerald Olin 9999999

Thomas A. McMahon
Cast Cop #1 333333.3

Tina Maskell
Cast Actress 1950's Lady 399999.96

Tony Shalhoub
Cast Actor Sam Farrell 2499999.75

Angel Oquendo
Cast Actor Taxi Cab Driver 999999.9

Chris Carey
Cast Actor Fireman 312499.96875

Jasmine Jessica Anthony
Cast Actress Katie 3333333

Paul Kasey
Cast Actor Kevin O'Malley 384615.34615385

Peter Conboy
Cast Actor Man Outside Hotel Fire (uncredited) 294117.61764706

Alexandra Silber
Cast Actress Young Woman at Bookstore 1999999.8

Bernadette Lords
Cast Actress Hotel Guest (uncredited) 277777.75

Rob McGillivray
Cast Bellboy (uncredited) 270270.24324324

William Willoughby
Cast Mailbox Worker 344827.55172414

Walter Lewis
Cast Bookstore Cashier 833333.25

Holly Hayes
Cast Actress Lady at Bookstore 666666.6

Gil Cohen-Alloro
Cast Actor Maitre D' 499999.95

Anthony C. Mazza
Cast Cop #2 322580.61290323

Georgie Lee-Robinson
Cast Actress Bookstore Assistant (uncredited) 285714.25714286

Jacob White
Cast Bellboy (uncredited) 256410.23076923
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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