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16 Women/16 Zan (2018)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
Christopher Cornelsen
Christopher Cornelsen
Crew Production Producer 26.50
Bahar Ebrahim
Bahar Ebrahim
Crew Directing Director, Writer 26.50
Azita C
Azita C.
Cast Self 4999999.5
Farah H
Farah H.
Cast Self 1999999.8
Masi C
Masi C.
Cast Self 3333333
Sepideh O
Sepideh O.
Cast Self 999999.9
Nahal P
Nahal P.
Cast Self 769230.69230769
Maryam B
Maryam B.
Cast Self 9999999
Soraya E
Soraya E.
Cast Self 2499999.75
Tahereh H
Tahereh H.
Cast Self 1666666.5
Batool K
Batool K.
Cast Self 1428571.2857143
Medisa N
Medisa N.
Cast Self 1249999.875
Farzaneh O
Farzaneh O.
Cast Self 1111111
Maryam P
Maryam P.
Cast Self 909090.81818182
Mehri P
Mehri P.
Cast Self 833333.25
Tahereh P
Tahereh P.
Cast Self 714285.64285714
Pegah S
Pegah S.
Cast Self 666666.6
Leila U
Leila U.
Cast Self 624999.9375
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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