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'49–'17 (1917)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Ruth Ann Baldwin
Crew Directing Director, Writer 67.20

Stephen S. Norton
Crew Camera Director of Photography 69.50

William Wallace Cook
Crew Writing Story 56.50

Bud Osborne
Cast Actor Cowboy Pitchman (uncredited) 1249999.875

George C. Pearce
Cast Actor Ezra 'Pa' Bobbett (as George Pearce) 2499999.75

Harry L. Rattenberry
Cast Actor Colonel Hungerford (uncredited) 909090.81818182

Jean Hersholt
Cast Actor 'Gentleman Jim' Raynor 1999999.8

Joseph W. Girard
Cast Actor Judge Brand (as Joseph Girard) 9999999

Leo Pierson
Cast Actor Tom Reeves aka Tom Robbins 9999999

Lon Poff
Cast Actor Bald-Headed Wrangler (uncredited) 999999.9

Mattie Witting
Cast Actress 'Ma' Bobbett (as Martha Witting) 3333333

Phyllis Haver
Cast Actress Young Bee Adams (uncredited) 1428571.2857143

William Dyer
Cast Actor J. Gordon Castle (as William J. Dyer) 4999999.5

Zasu Pitts
Cast Actress Party Guest (uncredited) 1111111

Donna Drew
Cast Actress Peggy Bobbett 1666666.5
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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