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18 Years Later Poster

18 Years Later

1h 47m
Mirko and Genziano are two brothers trentacinquenni not seen since the day their mother, of English origin, died tragically in a car accident in which they were also involved. Since then Genziano went to live in London by his grandfather Henry and now works as a stockbroker. Mirko instead remained in Rome, to live with his father, working on it together in the same run-down shop. But, eighteen years later, Marcello dies, the father of two brothers. In his will, in fact, the father asks them to take on an old restored spider, his ashes over the grave of his mother in a village in Calabria, where the accident happened. This trip will forever change their lives.
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Edoardo Leo
Marco Bonini
Vinicio Marchioni
Avvocato Camilli
Max Mazzotta
portiere dell'hotel
Luisa De Santis
Signora funerale
Valerio Aprea
operatore al crematorio
Carlotta Natoli
la "logorroica"
Pasquale Anselmo
funzionario del cimitero
Antonio Fulfaro
Giancarlo Magalli
se stesso
Directed By: Edoardo Leo

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