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C-Man (1949)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Berne Giler
Crew Writing Screenplay 87.10

Gail Kubik
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 84.80

Gerald Hirschfeld
Crew Camera Director of Photography 94.40

Geraldine Lerner
Crew Editing Editor 65.70

Joseph Lerner
Crew Directing Director 76.80

Adelaide Klein
Cast Actress Minnie Hoffman 1999999.8

Dean Jagger
Cast Actor Cliff Holden, alias William Harrah 9999999

Edith Atwater
Cast Actress Lydia Brundage 1666666.5

Harry Landers
Cast Actor Owney Shor 1428571.2857143

Jean Ellyn
Cast Birdie Alton 1249999.875

John Carradine
Cast Actor Doc Spencer 9999999

Lottie Elwen
Cast Kathe van Bourne 4999999.5

Rene Paul
Cast Matty Royal 3333333

Walter Brooke
Cast Actor Joe 1111111

Walter Vaughan
Cast Customs Inspector Brandon 2499999.75
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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