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Knight and Day Poster

Knight and Day

1h 49m
Action, Comedy
A fugitive couple goes on a glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure where nothing and no one – even themselves – are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth vs. trust.
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Tom Cruise
Roy Miller
Cameron Diaz
June Havens
Peter Sarsgaard
Viola Davis
CIA Director Isabel George
Jordi Moll
Antonio Quintana
Paul Dano
Simon Feck
Maggie Grace
April Havens
Marc Blucas
Celia Weston
Molly Knight
Falk Hentschel
Lennie Loftin
Rich Manley
Dale Dye
Frank Knight
Gal Gadot
Trevor Loomis
Nilaja Sun
Taylor Treadwell
Gate Agent
Christian Finnegan
Ticket Agent
Nicholas Art
Kid at Airport
Brian Dykstra
TSA Officer
Brian Tarantina
Scrap Yard Man
Natasha Paczkowski
Petra The Tailor
Jerrell Lee Wesley
Fireman Paul
Matthew Lawler
Passerby Agent
Directed By: James Mangold
Written By: Patrick O'Neill

Featured Comments/Tips

PorterUk says...
12 months ago
"How can people hate Tom Cruise? He makes really enjoyable, well-done action films. Every Friday night for a year could be taken up by a Tom Cruise movie and that'd be a perfectly enjoyable year. His films range from 6.75 to 8.5 on the ratings, never higher, never lower. Most of them are very good 7.5s to 8s. The guy is a genuine movie star and he certainly puts the effort in to make the films as good as he can. This one is interesting. It's a MI movie that he wanted to make comedic. And it works for the whole. I know it was panned at the time, and I know Cameron Diaz's character isn't doing much for the advancement of women. But it's a really enjoyable 1 lhr 45. 7.25/10"
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SweatLoveBeer says...
8 years ago
"Started off really funny and all in all was a really pleasant movie. Each time I saw Tom Cruise topless I puked in my mouth a little, though."
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   1 0 1
itsavonell says...
3 months ago
"i really went into this to make use of my amazon prime membership but holy heck it was enjoyable! cameron and tom worked really well together! so much fun!"
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ima senpai says...
2 months ago
"the most thing that should be talked about within this movie is the chemistry between Cameron Diaz and Tom cruise like SO GOOD it's also a very enjoyable movie, such a sweet romance and a satisfying comedy"
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Featured User Reviews

Andres Gomez
3 years ago
OMFG! I thought MIssion: Impossible 2 was the worst movie I would watch from Tom Cruise ... I was wrong.

There's only one thing in Knight and Day that is not that bad as in MI2, and it is that the movie doesn't take seriously itself, something that MI2 does.

About the mixing of Spanish stereot More
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