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Ltrange Monsieur Victor Poster

L'étrange Monsieur Victor

1h 43m
Crime, Drama
Outwardly, Monsieur Victor would appear to be the model citizen. A respectable Toulon shopkeeper, he has a devoted wife and is courteous and considerate to all who know him. However, beneath this veneer of respectability hides a notorious receiver of stolen goods, who trades with hardened criminals. Victor manages to keep up his double life without any difficulty until the fateful day when one of his partners in crime threatens to expose him. Fearing a scandal, Victor kills the crook in a moment of panic, using a shoemaker's tool. Naturally, the murder is blamed on a local shoemaker, who is sentenced to ten years' hard labour. Seven years later, the former shoemaker reappears in Toulon, having escaped from prison. The first person to recognise him is Monsieur Victor...
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Victor Agardanne
Madeleine Renaud
Madeleine Agardanne
Pierre Blanchar
Bastien Robineau
Viviane Romance
Adrienne Robineau
Robert Cerani
Marcelle Gniat
La mère de Victor
Georges Flamant
Charles Blavette
Le premier inspecteur
Marcel Maupi
M. Noir
Armand Larcher
L'inspecteur #2
Roger Peter
Un enfant
Daniel Kahya
Un enfant
Odette Roger
Mme Marie
Directed By: Jean Grémillon

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