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La Commune Paris 1871 Poster

La Commune (Paris, 1871)

5h 45m
War, Drama, History
We are in the year 1871. A journalist for Versailles Television broadcasts a soothing and official view of events while a Commune television is set up to provide the perspectives of the Paris rebels. On a stage-like set, more than 200 actors interpret characters of the Commune, especially the Popincourt neighbourhood in the XIth arrondissement. They voice their own thoughts and feelings concerning the social and political reforms. The scenes consist mainly of long camera takes.
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Pierre Barbieux
Child in Cour Popincourt
Maylis Bouffartigue
Marie-Louise Théron
Genevive Capy
Doctor's wife
Anne Carlier
Vronique Couzon
Marie-Louise Beauger
Piotr Daskiewicz
Polish Officer
Nicole Defer
Owner of dressmaking workshop & lau...
Patrick DellIsola
Emile Léonard Morterol
Jrgen Ellinghaus
Versailles Army Officer
Caroline EsnardBenoit
Baker's wife
Grard Watkins
Gérard Bourlet
Aurlia Petit
Blanche Capellier
Directed By: Peter Watkins

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