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The Aerial Poster

The Aerial

1h 39m
Drama, Science Fiction
The denizens of a nameless city "in the year XX" have lost their voices. People communicate by mouthing out words that are spelled mid-air. The only person who has kept the use of her voice is La Voz ("the voice"), a singer working for the sole TV channel broadcast in the city, run by Mr. TV, who desires La Voz. La Voz wears a hood over her head that hides away her face. She has a son called Tomás, an eyeless little kid who nonetheless also has a voice (although this is kept a secret). Tomás lives next door to Ana, whom he one day befriends after a letter addressed to his house is erroneously delivered to hers.
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Valeria Bertuccelli
Sohn von Mr. Tv
Julieta Cardinali
Rafael Ferro
Der Erfinder
Florencia Raggi
Die Stimme
Directed By: Esteban Sapir

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rafaelpires815 says...
2 years ago
"This movie has a lot of pacing issues, and the 20s movie feel looks too fake, you can see that most of the scenes there uses modern technology that doesn't fit with the film aesthetics. It's really unique, but it could be a lot better technically speaking."
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