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La conciergerie Poster

La conciergerie

1h 41m
Police detective Jacques Laniel's life becomes a nightmare the day drive-by shootists gun down his partner Thomas Colin. His colleagues make matters worse by blaming him for the death, and after his wife leaves him, Laniel decides to quit the force and launch a private investigation into Colin's murder. Soon afterward, Laniel finds the bullet-riddled body of famed author and literature professor Zachary Osborne tied to his car hood. The professor's wife hires Laniel to solve the murder, but what the detective finds is ugly: Osborne was a part of a lucrative land-speculation deal that involved the sale of a crumbling old rectory that had been turned into a halfway house called the Haven of the Monsters. The name is apt, for all the residents are convicted killers who were given inordinately light sentences. When Lanier starts questioning the Haven's tenants and their crimes are revealed via flashback, it takes on the character of a David Lynch production.
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Serge Dupire
Jacques Laniel
Macha Grenon
Claire Ricard
Jacques Godin
Thomas Colin
Monique Spaziani
Maria Colin
Tania Kontoyanni
Carole Osborne
JeanRen Ouellet
Zachary Osborne
Michel Forget
Gustave Blain
Raymond Cloutier
Antoine Martineau
Paul Dion
Édouard Rossi
Carl Bchard
René Tremblay
Maka Kotto
Jean Marcheur
Dorothe Berryman
Cécile Sirois
MarieClaude Lefebvre
Nathalie Sirois
Isabel Richer
Estelle Artaud
David La Haye
Charles Bass
Eric Cabana
Jean-Marie Tanguay
Lenie Scoffi
Albertine Courvoisier
Paul Buissonneau
Rosaire Courvoisier
Caroline Nron
Sophie Beaulne Mercier
JiCi Lauzon
Pierre Mercier
Guy Provost
Juge Michaux
Andre Champagne
Mme Juge Michaux
Bianca Gervais
Virginie Laniel
Andr Lacoste
Directed By: Michel Poulette

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