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La loba

La loba (1965)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
Rafael Baledn
Rafael Baledón
Crew Directing Director 80.80
Ramn Obn
Ramón Obón
Crew Writing Writer 81.20
Adriana Roel
Adriana Roel
Cast Actress Alicia Fernandez 1428571.2857143
Columba Domnguez
Columba Domínguez
Cast Actress Marcela de Fernandez 4999999.5
Crox Alvarado
Crox Alvarado
Cast Actor Crumba 1249999.875
Hortensia Santovea
Hortensia Santoveña
Cast Actress 999999.9
Joaqun Cordero
Joaquín Cordero
Cast Actor Dr. Alejandro Bernstein 9999999
Jorge Russek
Jorge Russek
Cast Actor Commissioner 909090.81818182
Jos Elas Moreno
José Elías Moreno
Cast Actor Professor Fernandez 1666666.5
Kitty de Hoyos
Kitty de Hoyos
Cast Actress Clarisa Fernandez 9999999
No Murayama
Noé Murayama
Cast Actor Cazador de Lobos 1999999.8
Ramn Bugarini
Ramón Bugarini
Cast Actor Inspector 1111111
Roberto Caedo
Roberto Cañedo
Cast Actor Dr. González 2499999.75
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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