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La mano spietata della legge Poster

La mano spietata della legge

1h 28m
Crime, Thriller
When a crime boss is murdered while in hospital, a young woman sees the killers, but her room mate convinces her not to tell the police, fearing the consequences. Unfortunately the murderers realize that they have been seen, and kill both women. Catching the killers proves difficult as anyone who knows anything dies in unexplained circumstances. It becomes evident that a large and powerful criminal organization is behind the murders, and that they have links within the police force. It is up to Lt. Carmine to see that justice prevails, using any means necessary.
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Klaus Kinski
Vito Quattroni
Philippe Leroy
Commissario Gianni De Carmine
Silvia Monti
Linda De Carmine
Sergio Fantoni
Fausto Tozzi
Nicolò Patrovita
Pia Giancaro
Lilly Antonelli
Cyril Cusack
The Judge
Guido Alberti
Prof. Palmieri
Lincoln Tate
Joe Gambino
Marino Mas
Giuseppe di Leo
Rosario Borelli
Salvatore Perrone
Directed By: Mario Gariazzo

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