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Fun on a Weekend Poster

Fun on a Weekend

1h 33m
Shy, destitute Peter Porter meets equally impoverished Nancy Crane at a Florida beach. Inspired by Peter's belief that a person can acquire wealth simply by creating an aura of success, the outgoing Nancy convinces Peter to join her in impersonating a confident and eccentric wealthy couple. The experiment works, and the couple secure a stunning wardrobe and a lavish room at a resort. Peter panics, however, when he gets a fantastic job offer.
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Eddie Bracken
Eddie Bracken Pete Porter aka P.P. Porterhouse II...
Priscilla Lane
Priscilla Lane Nancy Crane
Tom Conway
Tom Conway Jefferson Van Orsdale Jr.
Allen Jenkins
Allen Jenkins Joe Morgan
Arthur Treacher
Arthur Treacher Benjamin O. Moffatt
Clarence Kolb
Clarence Kolb Quigley Quackenbush
Alma Kruger
Alma Kruger Mrs. Van Orsdale
Russell Hicks
Russell Hicks John Biddle
Fritz Feld
Fritz Feld Sergei Stroganoff
Richard Hageman
Richard Hageman Cyrus Cowperwaithe
Lester Allen
Lester Allen Hot Dog Vendor
Sam Ash
Sam Ash Party Guest (Uncredited)
Gertrude Astor
Gertrude Astor Party Guest (Uncredited)
Sam Bagley
Sam Bagley Casino Bouncer (Uncredited)
Alex Ball
Alex Ball Casino Patron (Uncredited)
Max Barwyn
Max Barwyn Waiter
Brooks Benedict
Brooks Benedict Gambling House Bouncer (Uncredited)
William Benedict
William Benedict Hotel Bellboy (Uncredited)
Edward Biby
Edward Biby Party Guest (Uncredited)
Marie Blake
Marie Blake Mr. Prigee's Secretary
Claire Carleton
Claire Carleton Durand's Secretary (Uncredited)
Bill Cartledge
Bill Cartledge Department Store Stock Boy (Uncredi...
Madge Crane
Madge Crane Mrs. Quackenbush
Oliver Cross
Oliver Cross Party Guest
Boyd Davis
Boyd Davis Jefferson Van Orsdale Sr.
Directed By: Andrew L. Stone
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