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Fun on a Weekend (1947)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Andrew L. Stone
Crew Directing Director, Producer, Screenplay 91.10

Herman E. Webber
Crew Production Production Manager 87.20

Lucien Cailliet
Crew Sound Music Arranger, Conductor, Original Music Composer 91.70

Paul Ivano
Crew Camera Director of Photography 93.00

Paul Weatherwax
Crew Editing Editor 93.70

Rudi Feld
Crew Art Art Direction 86.50

Virginia L. Stone
Crew Sound Music Director 84.20

Roy Meadows
Crew Sound Sound 93.00

William Forsyth
Crew Directing Assistant Director 92.80

Maria P. Donovan
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Supervisor 87.40

Donn McElwaine
Crew Production Associate Producer 82.10

Allen Jenkins
Cast Actor Joe Morgan 3333333

Alma Kruger
Cast Actress Mrs. Van Orsdale 1666666.5

Arthur Treacher
Cast Actor Benjamin O. Moffatt 2499999.75

Bert Roach
Cast Actor Oswald J. Nicholl 212765.93617021

Bess Flowers
Cast Actress Party Guest (Uncredited) 322580.61290323

Bill Cartledge
Cast Actor Department Store Stock Boy (Uncredited) 476190.42857143

Bill Kennedy
Cast Actor Bill Davis (Uncredited) 256410.23076923

Boyd Davis
Cast Actor Jefferson Van Orsdale Sr. (Uncredited) 416666.625

Brooks Benedict
Cast Actor Gambling House Bouncer (Uncredited) 624999.9375

Byron Foulger
Cast Actor Man at Lunch Counter (Uncredited) 312499.96875

Carl M. Leviness
Cast Actor Party Guest (Uncredited) 238095.21428571

Claire Carleton
Cast Actress Durand's Secretary (Uncredited) 499999.95

Clarence Kolb
Cast Actor Quigley Quackenbush 1999999.8

Douglas Fowley
Cast Actor Gambling House Owner (Uncredited) 303030.27272727

Douglas Wood
Cast Actor John Durand (Uncredited) 185185.16666667

Earle Hodgins
Cast Actor Heckler (Uncredited) 263157.86842105

Eddie Bracken
Cast Actor Pete Porter aka P.P. Porterhouse III 9999999

Edith Evanson
Cast Actress Mr. Cowperwaithe's Secretary (Uncredited) 344827.55172414

Edward Biby
Cast Actor Party Guest (Uncredited) 555555.5

Effie Laird
Cast Actress Mrs. Leland Hamilton (Uncredited) 249999.975

Florence Wix
Cast Actress Party Guest 188679.22641509

Franklyn Farnum
Cast Actor Poker Player (Uncredited) 333333.3

Fred Rapport
Cast Waiter (Uncredited) 222222.2

Fritz Feld
Cast Actor Sergei Stroganoff 1249999.875

Gertrude Astor
Cast Actress Party Guest (Uncredited) 833333.25

Grayce Hampton
Cast Hotel Stenographer (Uncredited) 277777.75

Harold Miller
Cast Actor Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 227272.70454545

Harry Tyler
Cast Actor Mr. Horne (Uncredited) 196078.41176471

Herbert Evans
Cast Actor Barton (Uncredited) 357142.82142857

Jack Deery
Cast Actor Casino Patron (Uncredited) 399999.96

Jayne Hazard
Cast Actress Girl at Canteen (Uncredited) 270270.24324324

Jody Gilbert
Cast Customer in Clothing Shop (Uncredited) 294117.61764706

Joe Devlin
Cast Actor Clothing Shop Proprietor (Uncredited) 384615.34615385

Larry Steers
Cast Actor Man in Outer Office (Uncredited) 199999.98

Lester Allen
Cast Hot Dog Vendor 999999.9

Marek Windheim
Cast Actor Hotel Desk Clerk (Uncredited) 192307.67307692

Marie Blake
Cast Actress Mr. Prigee's Secretary (Uncredited) 526315.73684211

Max Barwyn
Cast Actor Waiter (Uncredited) 666666.6

Max Linder
Cast Actor Party Guest (Uncredited) 232558.11627907

Oliver Cross
Cast Actor Party Guest (Uncredited) 434782.56521739

Priscilla Lane
Cast Actress Nancy Crane 9999999

Richard Hageman
Cast Actor Cyrus Cowperwaithe 1111111

Russell Hicks
Cast Actor John Biddle 1428571.2857143

Sam Ash
Cast Actor Party Guest (Uncredited) 909090.81818182

Stuart Hall
Cast Actor Gambling House Patron (Uncredited) 285714.25714286

Suzanne Ridgeway
Cast Actress Party Guest (Uncredited) 217391.2826087

Syd Saylor
Cast Actor Mr. Prigee (Uncredited) 208333.3125

Ted Stanhope
Cast Actor Party Guest (Uncredited) 204081.6122449

Tom Conway
Cast Actor Jefferson Van Orsdale Jr. 4999999.5

William Benedict
Cast Actor Hotel Bellboy (Uncredited) 588235.23529412

Mike Lally
Cast Actor Dealer (Uncredited) 243902.41463415

Madge Crane
Cast Mrs. Quackenbush (Uncredited) 454545.40909091

Alex Ball
Cast Casino Patron (Uncredited) 714285.64285714

Sam Bagley
Cast Casino Bouncer (Uncredited) 769230.69230769
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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