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'G' Men (1935)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Bernhard Kaun
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 92.60

Darryl F. Zanuck
Crew Writing Novel 98.70

Hal B. Wallis
Crew Production Executive Producer 99.40

Jack Killifer
Crew Editing Editor 90.70

Jack L. Warner
Crew Production Executive Producer 99.70

John Hughes
Crew Art Art Direction 94.20

Louis F. Edelman
Crew Production Supervising Producer 91.10

Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 99.10

Seton I. Miller
Crew Writing Story, Screenplay 93.90

Sol Polito
Crew Camera Director of Photography 95.30

Stanley Jones
Crew Sound Sound 93.30

William Keighley
Crew Directing Director 95.30

Addison Richards
Cast Actor Bruce J. Gregory 833333.25

Adrian Morris
Cast Actor Accomplice (uncredited) 217391.2826087

Al Hill
Cast Actor Hood (uncredited) 294117.61764706

Ann Dvorak
Cast Actress Jean Morgan 4999999.5

Barton MacLane
Cast Actor Collins 2499999.75

Bill Elliott
Cast Actor Bootlegger Who Gives Eddie the Bottle Outside the Club (uncredited) 370370.33333333

Brooks Benedict
Cast Actor Man (uncredited) 624999.9375

Bruce Mitchell
Cast Actor Sergeant with Farrell (uncredited) 227272.70454545

Charles Sherlock
Cast Actor First Trainee at Target Practice (uncredited) 188679.22641509

Dick Rush
Cast Actor Al (uncredited) 199999.98

Don Downen
Cast Actor Joe - the Second Fingerprint Clerk (uncredited) 416666.625

Dorothy Vernon
Cast Actress Wardrobe Woman (uncredited) 175438.57894737

Eddie Dunn
Cast Actor Police Broadcaster (uncredited) 384615.34615385

Eddie Graham
Cast Bank Clerk (uncredited) 322580.61290323

Edward Keane
Cast Actor Bank Teller (uncredited) 270270.24324324

Edward Pawley
Cast Danny Leggett 1249999.875

Edwin Maxwell
Cast Actor Joseph Kratz (uncredited) 238095.21428571

Emmett Vogan
Cast Actor Bill - the Ballistics Expert (uncredited) 172413.77586207

Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Cast Actor Congressman (uncredited) 196078.41176471

Florence Dudley
Cast Actress Durfee's Moll (uncredited) 399999.96

Frances Morris
Cast Actress Moll (uncredited) 212765.93617021

Frank Marlowe
Cast Actor First Gangster Shot at Lodge (uncredited) 243902.41463415

Frank Shannon
Cast Actor Police Chief at Lodge (uncredited) 192307.67307692

Gene Morgan
Cast Actor Lounger Outside Lunch Room (uncredited) 222222.2

George Daly
Cast Machine Gunner (uncredited) 454545.40909091

Gertrude Short
Cast Actress Collins' Moll (uncredited) 185185.16666667

Glen Cavender
Cast Actor Headwaiter (uncredited) 499999.95

Harold Huber
Cast Actor Venke 769230.69230769

Henry Hall
Cast Actor Police Driver (uncredited) 303030.27272727

Huey White
Cast Actor Gangster Playing Cards (uncredited) 169491.50847458

James Cagney
Cast Actor 'Brick' Davis 9999999

James Flavin
Cast Actor Agent with Jean (uncredited) 344827.55172414

James T. Mack
Cast Actor Agent with Jean (uncredited) 249999.975

Joe De Stefani
Cast J.E. Glattner - the Florist (uncredited) 434782.56521739

Jonathan Hale
Cast Actor Congressman (uncredited) 312499.96875

Lee Phelps
Cast Actor McCord's Aide (uncredited) 204081.6122449

Lloyd Nolan
Cast Actor Hugh Farrell 1999999.8

Marc Lawrence
Cast Actor Gangster Killed at Lodge (uncredited) 256410.23076923

Margaret Lindsay
Cast Actress Kay McCord 9999999

Marie Astaire
Cast Actress Gerard's Moll (uncredited) 666666.6

Martha Merrill
Cast Nurse (uncredited) 232558.11627907

Mary Treen
Cast Actress Gregory's Secretary (uncredited) 181818.16363636

Monte Blue
Cast Actor Fingerprint Expert 999999.9

Monte Vandergrift
Cast Deputy Sheriff on Train (uncredited) 178571.41071429

Nick Copeland
Cast G-Man with Farrell (uncredited) 476190.42857143

Noel Madison
Cast Actor Durfee 1111111

Pat Flaherty
Cast Actor Cop with Farrell (uncredited) 357142.82142857

Raymond Hatton
Cast Actor Gangsters' Messenger with Warning 714285.64285714

Regis Toomey
Cast Actor Eddie Buchanan 909090.81818182

Robert Armstrong
Cast Actor Jeff McCord 3333333

Russell Hopton
Cast Actor Gerard 1428571.2857143

Sol Gorss
Cast Actor G-Man Guarding Leggett (uncredited) 333333.3

Stanley Blystone
Cast Actor Cop (uncredited) 588235.23529412

Tom Wilson
Cast Actor Agent (uncredited) 166666.65

Ward Bond
Cast Actor Gunman at Train Station (uncredited) 555555.5

Wheeler Oakman
Cast Gangster at Lodge Wanting to Quit (uncredited) 208333.3125

William Harrigan
Cast Actor 'Mac' McKay 1666666.5

Mike Lally
Cast Actor Gangster with Durfee (uncredited) 263157.86842105

Perry Irvins
Cast Doctor at Store (uncredited) 277777.75

John Impolito
Cast Tony - a Florist (uncredited) 285714.25714286

Frank Bull
Cast Last Police Broadcaster (uncredited) 526315.73684211
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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