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I Know Where I'm Going! (1945)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Alfred Junge
Crew Art Art Direction, Production Design 93.00

Allan Gray
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 92.50

C.C. Stevens
Crew Sound Sound Recordist 91.10

Cecil Cooney
Crew Camera Camera Operator 88.80

Elliot Scott
Crew Art Draughtsman 99.40

Emeric Pressburger
Crew Directing Director, Producer, Writer 96.40

Erwin Hillier
Crew Camera Director of Photography 89.40

George Blackwell
Crew Crew Special Effects 90.50

George R. Busby
Crew Production Producer's Assistant 89.30

Gordon K. McCallum
Crew Sound Sound 98.80

Jim Pople
Crew Editing Assistant Editor 81.10

John Seabourne Sr.
Crew Editing Editor 88.00

Michael Powell
Crew Directing Director, Producer, Writer 97.20

Robert Farnon
Crew Sound Music Arranger 86.70

Sidney Hayers
Crew Editing Assistant Editor 92.80

Vivienne Knight
Crew Production Publicist 81.60

W. Percy Day
Crew Visual Effects Matte Painter 88.80

Walter Goehr
Crew Sound Conductor 89.30

Ward Richards
Crew Art Assistant Art Director 81.60

William Kellner
Crew Art Draughtsman 90.80

Pat MacDonnell
Crew Production Casting 89.50

Adele Raymond
Crew Production Casting 89.50

Fred Daniels
Crew Camera Still Photographer 81.60

Eric Besche
Crew Camera Focus Puller 82.80

Harold Hurdell
Crew Art Draughtsman 85.00

Jim Body
Crew Camera Focus Puller 97.40

Henry Harris
Crew Crew Special Effects 87.30

Parry Jones Jr.
Crew Directing Third Assistant Director 88.20

Alfred Roberts
Crew Crew Scenic Artist 88.90

T. Bagley
Crew Sound Sound 81.10

Max Rosher
Crew Camera Still Photographer 88.10

Bill Herlihy
Crew Directing Second Assistant Director 91.10

John Tunstall
Crew Directing Assistant Director 81.10

Fred Ryan
Crew Sound Boom Operator 88.30

Paddy Arnold
Crew Directing Continuity 82.50

Alec Faversham
Cast Martin 624999.9375

Arthur Chesney
Cast Actor Harmonica Player 588235.23529412

Catherine Lacey
Cast Actress Mrs. Robinson 1666666.5

Finlay Currie
Cast Actor Ruairidh Mhór 3333333

George Carney
Cast Actor Mr. Webster 2499999.75

Graham Moffatt
Cast Actor R.A.F. Sergeant 370370.33333333

Herbert Lomas
Cast Actor Mr. Campbell 399999.96

Jean Cadell
Cast Actress Postmistress 1428571.2857143

John Laurie
Cast Actor John Campbell 1249999.875

John Rae
Cast Actor Old Shepherd 454545.40909091

Kitty Kirwan
Cast Mrs. Campbell 384615.34615385

Margot Fitzsimons
Cast Bridie 909090.81818182

Murdo Morrison
Cast Kenny 833333.25

Nancy Price
Cast Mrs. Crozier 1999999.8

Pamela Brown
Cast Actress Catriona 4999999.5

Petula Clark
Cast Actress Cheril 714285.64285714

Roger Livesey
Cast Actor Torquil MacNeil 9999999

Valentine Dyall
Cast Actor Mr. Robinson 1111111

Walter Hudd
Cast Actor Hunter 769230.69230769

Wendy Hiller
Cast Actress Joan Webster 9999999

Norman Shelley
Cast Actor Sir Robert Bellinger 999999.9

Anthony Eustrel
Cast Hooper 666666.6

Ian Sadler
Cast Iain 526315.73684211

Mr. Ramshaw
Cast Torquil - the Eagle 322580.61290323

Donald Strachan
Cast Shepherd 476190.42857143

Maxwell Kennedy
Cast Singer in the Céilidh 344827.55172414

Jean Houston
Cast Singer in the Céilidh 333333.3

Duncan McIntyre
Cast His Son 434782.56521739

C.W.R. Knight
Cast Col. Barnstaple 499999.95

Ivy Milton
Cast Peigi 416666.625

Duncan MacKechnie
Cast Capt. 'Lochinvar' 555555.5

Boyd Steven
Cast Singer in the Céilidh 357142.82142857
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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