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Master Harold... and the Boys (2010)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Athol Fugard
Crew Writing Theatre Play 95.90

Lonny Price
Crew Directing Director 93.70

Nicky Rebello
Crew Writing Screenplay 84.60

Danny Keogh
Cast Actor Mr. Prentice 666666.6

Freddie Highmore
Cast Actor Hally Ballard 9999999

Jennifer Steyn
Cast Actress Betty Ballard 3333333

Nicky Rebello
Cast Actor Headmaster (as Nicky Rebelo) 714285.64285714

Patrick Mofokeng
Cast Actor Willie 4999999.5

Tiny Skefile
Cast Passenger 833333.25

Ving Rhames
Cast Actor Sam 9999999

Deon Lotz
Cast Actor Policeman 1999999.8

Michael Maxwell
Cast Harold Ballard 2499999.75

Bongo Mbutuma
Cast Actor Elias 1249999.875

Justin Stein
Cast Actor Bully 624999.9375

Thomas Galvin
Cast Bully #3 555555.5

Vuyisile Pandle
Cast Winston 999999.9

Nceba Mpiliswana
Cast Owigi 1111111

Nicholas Andrews
Cast Bully #2 588235.23529412

Redd-Valentino Debray
Cast Young Halley 1666666.5

Sean Goatleysoan
Cast Langervidt 769230.69230769

Zoliswa Kawe
Cast Myriam 1428571.2857143

Robin Smith
Cast Actor Man in Bar / Radio news reader 526315.73684211

Wiseman Sithole
Cast Bus Driver 909090.81818182
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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