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Men Olsenbanden var ikke død! (1984)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
Crew Sound Music 89.20

Knut Bohwim
Crew Directing Director, Writer 90.60

Veslemøy Fosse Ree
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 89.50

Leif Willer Jensen
Crew Sound Sound 85.50

Vivianne Henriksson
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 66.60

Mattis Mathiesen
Crew Camera Director of Photography 85.30

Tom Matsen
Crew Sound Sound 82.70

Ellen Waaler
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Supervisor 80.00

Per Anon Anonsen
Crew Editing Editor 82.40

Gustav Kramer
Crew Writing Writer 74.00

Alf Malland
Cast 833333.25

Carsten Byhring
Cast Kjell Jensen 9999999

Harald Heide-Steen Jr.
Cast Conductor 1428571.2857143

Inger Teien
Cast Actress 769230.69230769

Jan Pande-Rolfsen
Cast Actor 666666.6

Jon Skolmen
Cast Actor Museum Guard 1999999.8

Knut Lystad
Cast Actor Security 1666666.5

Per Tofte
Cast Actor 1111111

Sverre Holm
Cast Actor Benny 4999999.5

Trond Lie
Cast 588235.23529412

Arnold Petersheim
Cast 714285.64285714

Johan Fillinger
Cast 999999.9
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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