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American Hustle

2h 18m
Drama, Crime
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American Hustle Poster
A conman and his seductive partner are forced to work for a wild FBI agent, who pushes them into a world of Jersey power-brokers and the Mafia.
American Hustle Poster

American Hustle

2h 18m
Drama, Crime
A conman and his seductive partner are forced to work for a wild FBI agent, who pushes them into a world of Jersey power-brokers and the Mafia.
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Christian Bale
Irving Rosenfeld
Bradley Cooper
Richie DiMaso
Jeremy Renner
Carmine Polito
Amy Adams
Sydney Prosser
Jennifer Lawrence
Rosalyn Rosenfeld
Louis C K
Stoddard Thorsen
Jack Huston
Pete Musane
Michael Pea
Paco Hernandez
Shea Whigham
Carl Elway
Alessandro Nivola
Anthony Amado
Elisabeth Rhm
Dolly Polito
Paul Herman
Alfonse Simone
Sad Taghmaoui
Irv's Sheik Plant
Matthew Russell
Dominic Polito
Thomas Matthews
Francis Polito
Anthony Zerbe
Senator Horton Mitchell
Colleen Camp
Steve Gagliastro
Agent Schmidt
Christopher Tarjan
Agent Stock
Zachariah Supka
Young Irv
Christy Scott Cashman
Cosmo Interview Girl
Simon Hamlin
Dawn Olivieri
Cosmo Girl
Directed By: David O. Russell

Featured Comments/Tips

aldy says...
6 years ago
"I don't get what all the fuss was about. I didn't really enjoy it, it was a bit of a mess and I wasn't really interested in what happened to anyone in the movie. Honestly not sure why it's so highly regarded."
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smoldersonline-deleted-1558869514 says...
7 years ago
"IMO: OK, but overrated. Alternative title: Hair.."
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   8 0 0
milkhoneytea says...
6 years ago
"I couldn't actually finish it, and that fact alone allows me to rate it so badly. So hard to get into!"
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   5 0 0
fenkins says...
5 years ago
"This movie is just so empty, you are watching it out of pity and you feel more bored as you go into the plot. Actors and acting are fine, by the way, but it doesnt lift the main problem - there is just nothing to watch! Actors are looking at the camera and are like telling you "Sorry, man, we are really want to show you something interesting, but all we got is this crap" And that is like the whole movie"
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   3 0 0

Featured User Reviews

one year ago
A very well acted, directed, filmed movie telling an interesting story about terrible terrible people. I didn't like and couldn't root for anyone which /almost/ made me hate the film, but it was so well done and the story was interesting...so 4 stars.
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2 years ago
American Hustle is has a heavy dose of Scorsese circa 1970s with the violence replaced more by black humour.

Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper all deliver excellent performances. Robert De Niro makes a cameo and reminds the audience why he was at one t More
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