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'Pimpernel' Smith (1941)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

A.W. Watkins
Crew Sound Recording Supervision 91.10

Anatole de Grunwald
Crew Writing Screenplay, Scenario Writer 87.30

Baroness Emmuska Orczy
Crew Writing Novel 85.90

Douglas Myers
Crew Editing Editor 82.10

Duncan Sutherland
Crew Art Settings 84.80

George Pollock
Crew Directing Assistant Director 93.70

Harold Huth
Crew Production Associate Producer 82.50

Jack Hildyard
Crew Camera Camera Operator 96.10

John Greenwood
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 82.30

Leslie Howard
Crew Directing Director, Producer 96.10

Muir Mathieson
Crew Sound Music Director 97.00

Mutz Greenbaum
Crew Crew Technical Supervisor, Director of Photography 88.00

Phil C. Samuel
Crew Production Production Manager 85.30

Roland Pertwee
Crew Writing Scenario Writer 86.00

Sidney Cole
Crew Editing Editorial Manager 88.60

Wolfgang Wilhelm
Crew Writing Original Story 83.80

John Dennis
Crew Sound Sound Recordist 86.60

A. G. MacDonell
Crew Writing Original Story 71.60

A.E. Matthews
Cast Actor Earl of Meadowbrook 208333.3125

Allan Jeayes
Cast Actor Dr Benckendorf 1428571.2857143

Arthur Denton
Cast Actor Gestapo Man Following Smith 256410.23076923

Arthur Hambling
Cast Actor Jordan 434782.56521739

Aubrey Mallalieu
Cast Actor Dean 555555.5

Basil Appleby
Cast Jock MacIntyre 769230.69230769

Ben Williams
Cast Actor Graubitz 416666.625

Bryan Herbert
Cast Jaromir 454545.40909091

Charles Paton
Cast Actor Steinhof 588235.23529412

Charles Rolfe
Cast German Officer at Customs 222222.2

David Tomlinson
Cast Actor Steve 833333.25

Dennis Arundell
Cast Hoffman 1249999.875

Elwyn Brook-Jones
Cast Actor Bit Part 277777.75

Ernest Butcher
Cast Actor Weber 399999.96

Francis L. Sullivan
Cast Actor General von Graum 9999999

George Street
Cast Actor Schmidt 526315.73684211

Harry Terry
Cast Actor Camp Guard 212765.93617021

Hector Abbas
Cast Karl Meyer 333333.3

Hugh McDermott
Cast David Maxwell 3333333

Hugh Pryse
Cast Actor Wagner 294117.61764706

Irene Handl
Cast Actress Bit Part 249999.975

Joan Kemp-Welch
Cast Actress School-Teacher 1111111

John Slater
Cast Actor Reporter 217391.2826087

Laurence Kitchin
Cast Actor Clarence Elstead 909090.81818182

Leslie Howard
Cast Actor Professor Horatio Smith 9999999

Manning Whiley
Cast Bertie Gregson 1999999.8

Mary Brown
Cast Girl Student 384615.34615385

Michael Brennan
Cast Actor Camp Guard with Lantern 285714.25714286

Michael Rennie
Cast Actor Prison Camp Officer 227272.70454545

Neal Arden
Cast Second Prisoner 322580.61290323

Percy Walsh
Cast Actor Dvorak 714285.64285714

Peter Cozens
Cast Man 263157.86842105

Peter Gawthorne
Cast Actor Sidimir Koslowski 1666666.5

Philip Friend
Cast Actor Spencer 999999.9

Raymond Huntley
Cast Actor Marx 2499999.75

Richard George
Cast Prison Guard 312499.96875

Roddy Hughes
Cast Actor Zigor 303030.27272727

Roland Pertwee
Cast Actor Embassy Official - Sir George Smith 624999.9375

Ronald Howard
Cast Actor Minor Role 238095.21428571

Sebastian Cabot
Cast Actor Bit Role 270270.24324324

Stuart Latham
Cast Telephone Operator 232558.11627907

Suzanne Clair
Cast Salesgirl 666666.6

Vincent Holman
Cast Actor Doctor at Diggings 243902.41463415

Mary Morris
Cast Actress Ludmilla Koslowski 4999999.5

W. Phillip
Cast Innkeeper 370370.33333333

Ilse Bard
Cast Gretchen 357142.82142857

Ernest Verne
Cast German Officer 344827.55172414

Oriel Ross
Cast Lady Willoughby 499999.95
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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