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'R Xmas (2001)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Abel Ferrara
Crew Directing Director, Writer 94.20

Bill Pankow
Crew Editing Editor 99.30

Cassandra De Jesus
Crew Writing Story 71.60

Ken Kelsch
Crew Camera Director of Photography 93.50

Patricia Bowers
Crew Editing Editor 91.40

Pierre Kalfon
Crew Production Producer 74.70

Scott Pardo
Crew Writing Writer 82.10

Suzanne Pillsbury
Crew Editing Editor 94.10

Crew Sound Music 83.50

Begonya Plaza
Cast Actress 999999.9

Benny Nieves
Cast Actor Priest 714285.64285714

Denia Brache
Cast Actress Louie's Wife 1999999.8

Drea de Matteo
Cast Actress The Wife 9999999

Gloria Irizarry
Cast Actress Aunt 1249999.875

Cast Actor The Kidnapper 4999999.5

Janis Corsair
Cast Shopper 1 1428571.2857143

Javier Nunez
Cast Felipe's Brother 769230.69230769

Lillo Brancato
Cast Actor The Husband 9999999

Lisa Valens
Cast Lisa, the Daughter 3333333

Nelson Vasquez
Cast Actor Niece's Husband 909090.81818182

Victor Argo
Cast Actor Louie 2499999.75

Meredith Ostrom
Cast Actress Elfie 1666666.5

Naomi Morales
Cast The Niece 1111111

Roman Rivera
Cast Felipe 833333.25
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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