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'Swing It' Teacher (1940)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Arthur Spjuth
Crew Art Production Design 73.30

Hasse Ekman
Crew Writing Writer 87.70

Hilmer Ekdahl
Crew Camera Director of Photography 65.70

Rolf Husberg
Crew Editing Editor 82.10

Schamyl Bauman
Crew Directing Director, Writer 80.20

Adolf Jahr
Cast Actor Bergman 4999999.5

Alice Babs
Cast Actress Inga Danell 9999999

Brita Borg
Cast Actress Pupil 666666.6

Britt Hagman
Cast Actress Olga Pettersson 714285.64285714

Carl Hagman
Cast Pricipal William 2499999.75

Georg Funkquist
Cast Actor Furubeck 1249999.875

John Botvid
Cast Actor Gustafsson 1428571.2857143

Julia Cæsar
Cast Actress Ms Jonsson 999999.9

Linnea Hillberg
Cast Mrs Danell 1111111

Nils Hallberg
Cast Göran 833333.25

Solveig Hedengran
Cast Lena Larsson 3333333

Thor Modéen
Cast Actor Karl-Otto Löfbeck 1666666.5

Ulla Hodell
Cast Sonja Holmqvist 769230.69230769

Viran Rydkvist
Cast Actress Agda Löfbeck 1999999.8

Åke Johansson
Cast Actor Axel Danell 909090.81818182

Ragnar Planthaber
Cast 'Plantan' 624999.9375
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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