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The Baldheaded Agent and the Land of Destruction Mission (1969)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Dimitris Papakonstadis
Crew Camera Director of Photography 84.40

Dinos Katsouridis
Crew Camera Director of Photography, Editor 88.70

Giorgos Lazaridis
Crew Writing Writer 86.50

Pavlos Filippou
Crew Camera Director of Photography, Editor 84.70

Tasos Zografos
Crew Crew Scenic Artist, Set Decoration 83.50

Thanasis Vengos
Crew Directing Director, Producer 89.70

Apostolos Souglakos
Cast Actor wrestler 526315.73684211

Dimitri Karystinos
Cast Actor Spazokefalos 1999999.8

Kostas Papahristos
Cast Actor 624999.9375

Periklis Hristoforidis
Cast Actor school's director 769230.69230769

Sassa Kazeli
Cast Actress Roza 3333333

Stratos Pahis
Cast Actor 588235.23529412

Thanasis Vengos
Cast Actor Thou-Vou 9999999

Vasilis Andreopoulos
Cast Actor Tzimis Paloukas 4999999.5

Cast Actor Jacob 2499999.75

Dionysia Roi
Cast Actress 476190.42857143

Giorgos Rois
Cast Actor teacher 909090.81818182

Kostas Stavrinoudakis
Cast Actor 1111111

Max Roman
Cast Actor referree 454545.40909091

Nantia Fontana
Cast Actress dancer 499999.95
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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