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RocknRolla Poster


1h 54m
Action, Crime, Thriller
When a Russian mobster sets up a real estate scam that generates millions of pounds, various members of London's criminal underworld pursue their share of the fortune. Various shady characters, including Mr One-Two, Stella the accountant, and Johnny Quid, a druggie rock-star, try to claim their slice.
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Gerard Butler
Tom Wilkinson
Lenny Cole
Mark Strong
Idris Elba
Tom Hardy
Handsome Bob
Karel Roden
Uri Omovich
Toby Kebbell
Johnny Quid
Jeremy Piven
Jimi Mistry
Matt King
Geoff Bell
Fred the Head
David Leon
Kelly George
Alex Kovas
Mario Woszcycki
Directed By: Guy Ritchie
Written By: Guy Ritchie

Featured Comments/Tips

CatyAlexandre says...
8 years ago
"Another gangster film by Guy Ritchie but after two amazing previous films around the same gangster world of thefts and cheats things start to be a little bit repetitive. Don't get me wrong because it is not bad at all, it was just like something at we have seen before. I guess what made Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels different from Snatch beside being inside of the same genre and following pretty much the same line in terms of plot, was the hilarious characters that each one has. In this one the characters are also very interesting but it feels like we are seeing a mix of the other two where the brilliance of their plots, in here is not so brilliant and the plot sometimes gets a bit messy. In RocknRolla the tone is a little darker and for me it was not so funny has the other two but still very entertaining. All of the technical aspects were once again great, Ritchie's style is still there. About the performances I don't have to say much when there are names like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Mark Strong and Tom Wilkinson involved. I am not a big Gerard Butler fan but I liked to see him in here and he also provide me two of the best dance scenes that I've seen in cinema, one with Thandie Newton and the other one (even better) with Tom Hardy. Overall, great but not so impressive because of the overused material."
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JakeyWest says...
6 months ago
"A simple gangster tale about a priceless painting. It’s a good balance of action, story, action, vice versa. Tom Hardy and Gerald Butler played well in this."
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SpeedDemon says...
7 months ago
"Loved it - the dark humour only Guy Ritchie can do. Less violent than some of his other movies, and that's a good thing. 9/10"
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KevinSocial9697 says...
one year ago
"This was pretty good and definitely a fun watch if you like Guy Ritchie films, its not his strongest work but I found myself having fun and its less of an action film and more of a Crime Thriller with a lot of comedic moments. It's a typical Guy Ritchie gangster film, but as usual, his dialogue is top-notch with everyone acting their parts perfectly with Gerard Butler (One-Two), Tom Hardy (Handsome Bob) and Toby Kebbell (Johnny Quid) being my favourites. I recommend it for anyone looking for a film to have a good time with, but do not expect a movie with the calibre of Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels."
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Featured User Reviews

Kenneth Axel Carlsson
3 years ago
Someone is trying to make easy money, but gets screwed. However, there is always a bigger fish in the pond looking to eat the smaller fish. In this movie, lowly criminals meets councillors, junkies, dead musicians, dirty accountants, nasty crime bosses and filthy rich russians. Sounds like another m More
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