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Don't Turn Around (2006)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Jerry Lopez Sineneng
Crew Directing Director 75.80

Ricardo Lee
Crew Writing Screenplay 82.50

Quark Henares
Crew Directing Director 69.20

Anne Curtis
Cast Actress Melissa / Nina (segment "Uyayi") 9999999

Baron Geisler
Cast Red (segment "Salamin") 588235.23529412

Cherry Pie Picache
Cast Actress Aling Rosing (segment "Salamin") 769230.69230769

Marvin Agustin
Cast Actor James (segment "Uyayi") 4999999.5

Nanding Josef
Cast Actor Priest (segment "Salamin") 499999.95

Soliman Cruz
Cast Actor Mang Nestor (segment "Salamin") 666666.6

Anastasio Caubalejo
Cast Old male patient (segment "Uyayi") 1111111

Antonette Garcia
Cast Actress Officemate 1 (segment "Salamin") 434782.56521739

Archie Alemania
Cast Lander (segment "Salamin") 555555.5

Dimples Romana
Cast Trixie (segment "Salamin") 624999.9375

Girlie Alcantara
Cast Tindera (segment "Salamin") 454545.40909091

Jade Castro
Cast Ghost 2 (segment "Salamin") 370370.33333333

Jun Sabayton
Cast Mang Johnny (segment "Uyayi") 1249999.875

Kathleen Hermosa
Cast Nurse (segment "Uyayi") 2499999.75

Kristine Hermosa
Cast Angel (segment "Salamin") 833333.25

Ayin Noriega
Cast Head Nurse (segment "Uyayi") 1666666.5

Bianca Cortez
Cast Maila / Crying Lady (segment "Salamin") 399999.96

Celine Lim
Cast Nina (segment "Salamin") 714285.64285714

Ces Aldaba
Cast Hospital Head (segment "Uyayi") 1999999.8

Edwin Pamanian
Cast Burned patient / ghost (segment "Salamin") 357142.82142857

Jenny Jamora
Cast TV Newscaster (segment "Uyayi") 1428571.2857143

Jonathan Sibulo
Cast Dying patient (segment "Uyayi") 909090.81818182

Kathy Despa
Cast Officemate 2 (segment "Salamin") 416666.625

Mae Fajardo
Cast Double for Kristine (segment "Salamin") 384615.34615385

Owen Bowen
Cast Sakristan (segment "Salamin") 476190.42857143

Ramon Solo
Cast Double for Raymond (segment "Uyayi") 999999.9

Sarah Lopez
Cast Donna (segment "Salamin") 526315.73684211
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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